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057. The 100-fold Power of Values

A thousand years ago man was physical. His life was elementary. He survived. Now man has multiplied his comforts, enjoyment, mastery, reach, etc. a hundred fold. Some would feel it is a thousand-fold or more. Anyway, the progress in one millennium is phenomenal. This happened because he moved from a physical man to a mental person. Maybe he has not yet a fully formed mental life, a rational life. Certainly he has moved away from the body to life - from the physical to the vital. Both of them accept the guidance of the mind in material matters, not in emotional affairs. There is nothing wrong in saying man today is mental.

If this phenomenal expansion is owing to the physical moving to the mental, moving from mind to the Spirit can be another repetition of this expansive phenomenon. One can safely say today's life will further expand in its richness, inner peace, outer security, absence of discord and particularly in Prosperity a thousand-fold.

If Spirit in its original splendour is a high goal, its values of honestly, loyalty, truthfulness, cleanliness, and silence are what we now know and follow. By using these values extensively, one can bring the power of Spirit to bear upon life. Therefore, Values that are really spiritual skills raise the results of work a hundred-fold, if not a thousand-fold.

We consider money as a thing of use. Spiritually money is a force of the Divine. An unceasing in-flow of money will begin when the money we use has the full benefit of all the Spiritual values we now use. Only that it must be exhaustive and perfection must be attempted. A long list of spiritual values in a company can be given. A losing company acquiring the spiritual value of paying greater attention to the needs of all others in the company than to one's own needs will turn to profit making in the next month. Results of Spiritual Power when released into action by the truth of inner sincerity are INSTANTANEOUS.

story | by Dr. Radut