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  • Bargain is more a meeting of wills than a settlement of a price or an issue.
  • The wills include the wills of the persons, the products, the situations. (In extremely negative atmospheres, a product or a person that carries a positive will emerges successful in the bargain and in extreme positive atmosphere too products or persons carrying negative will fail to carry through).
  • Will is strengthened by knowledge, cleanliness, crispness, quickness, etc. and is weakened by clumsiness, dirt, sluggishness, slowness, etc.

An experiment: In any difficult situation anyone of the items can be increased and tested for final results. The successful thrust of one of the strong minor items can be total success.

  • The best thing is the positive will of the person integrated with the positive will of the product and the positive will of the situation.

story | by Dr. Radut