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Abstract for Spiritual Opulence


              May 4, 2004

Indian sages discovered the Infinite Brahman and devised several yogic disciplines to reach him by tapas or yoga. The main condition is to give up life. Sri Aurobindo was shown by Swami Vivekananda that that Infinite Brahman can descend on human life and create the next species of the Supramental Being. That is possible if 12 yogis attain the Supramental consciouness. In their absence, Sri Aurobindo decided to achieve that goal by working in the subtle plane. For this purpose HE left the body in 1950 and achieved His goal in 1956. In a world where rationality is not yet the ruling force in crucial matters, HE saw that Man can evolve into the Supramental Being by this force. The Divine Mother continued His work after Him and reached further Spiritual heights.

In this book an attempt is made to summarise the 2000 pages of His two of his important books in less than 200 pages, thus serving as an introduction to their yoga, called Integral Yoga. Yoga is not for all, but the yogic force is available to all to progress at the level of life in which they are situated. Sri Aurobindo has added a new dimension to yoga that the Infinite Force above can descend into our finite life and flower as Spiritual Prosperity which includes material abundance. In practice, one who invokes this Force can witness his life endlessly expanding till he himself stops it. The West has built modern civilisation using the power of Mind. Indians have the Spiritual power at their disposal. What the West has achieved in the last 500 years can be achieved in India in a very short time, if it knows how to express this Spiritual Power in daily life. The book illustrates this theme quoting the experiences of innumerable devotees apart from offering a theoretical explanation. For this purpose, a Token Experiment is suggested in the last chapter. For those Indians who have not given up their spiritual heritage and westernised their minds, this experiment will reveal the above spiritual Truth in their life as an endless expansion, be it at home or the office or in one's business. The one essential condition for the Force to act is utter Truthfulness.

story | by Dr. Radut