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076. An Experiment – A Conversation

I understand your conditions for this experiment are shifting to the Sprit, maximum efficiency in the work and execution in Silent will.

It is important you understand what is meant by shifting to the Spirit. We now believe in our methods which are mental or vital. The faith in these methods should be totally shifted to the Spirit. For example, you believe in the reputation of the product. Now, you must come to believe that Spirit can perform in spite of your product not being the very best.


Yes, several times I have seen it with my product and with others. It is not always the best product that carries the trophy. Sometimes the second best or even the third best does succeed. I know it as an experience.

Based on that experience, you must develop greater faith in the performance of the Spirit. I would ask you to have greater faith in the Spirit even without any reference to this experience.  That is better. In that case, it will be pure faith in the Spirit for its sake only.


That shift comes, but it is not steady. It is intermittent.

It is important you act only when the faith is there. You must wait for that hour. When the faith is permanent, the maximum result will be there.


Though intermittent, acting only when the faith is there, you say there will be minimum results which will be better than now.

In your case, sales now over between six and seven crores. Eight crores will be break even. Then the minimum will be eight crores and the maximum will be 80.

You object to auspicious hour, numerology, vaastu, etc. etc.

All of these will give you what is there in your horoscope, sanctioned by karma. The Spirit will go beyond them. The choice is yours. As long as you believe in any of them, you will not be able to invoke the Spirit. Then this experiment is not for you.


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story | by Dr. Radut