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060. Astrology, Numerology, Omen, Vaastu, Auspicious Hour

Astrology is precise to the point of what you will eat for the next meal, numerology will be equally stunning, vaastu may decide your immediate outcome as the auspicious hour. In one high sense, they are all powerful, exact subtle sciences. Westerners may not believe as much as we do.

If you are born in an affluent, affectionate orthodox village family growing paddy and ragi, and take that way of life as an ideal, you will end up a happy, prosperous affectionate family of our venerable tradition alienated from any aspect of modern family. It is not something to be questioned, as it is a conscious choice. When they compare themselves with another comparable family that left the village for the metropolis and further journeyed outside of India after 30 years, the differences in all respects will be apparent. In actual fact of life and in our emotions we create a curious mixture of both, little knowing that we get the benefit of neither fully, as these forces cancel each other, being at cross purposes.

Beyond these obvious common sense factors lies a great Truth unknown to the Rishis of old or the scientists of today. There is one great analogy. Monarchy was the life of the King. People were dirt. Democracy replaced a monarch by a President from the people. Its aim is in Bharathi's words 'Every citizen is the King of this land'. Sri Aurobindo declared that the Hour has come, it is the Hour of God. Everyone who invokes the Spirit is a Rishi in that measure. Astrology, numerology, etc. are in life and binds us to Nature's determinism. Access to Spirit liberates man from that bondage and makes life submit to him and serve him. The natural tendency is to combine both, least knowing that way we lose both, as the one cancels the other, being in different planes.

As man has emancipated himself from Nature and self-imposed superstition, NOW man can liberate himself from the thraldom of life and be its master.


story | by Dr. Radut