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Basic Ideas on Spirituality and Prosperity


October  4, 2002

  • Whether man recognises it or not, it is Spirit that runs the world.
  • The greatest moments in the lives of great men were the MOMENTS when they gave up, i.e. unconscious surrender to the unknown FORCE.
  • It is exactly so in the life of the individual.
  • Western nations crushed by oppressive climate - especially the USA - GAVE UP to the inevitable. Their hard work was as a result of accepting that inevitability.
  • India does NOT have that pressure either from the social environment or from individual inner illumination. That would make India prosperous.
  • India has a vast reservoir of manpower and a vast scope for development. They should be converted into employment opportunity by training.
  • The social will for such an effort is not there, much less the political will.
  • A man starts working physically. When it does not work, he exerts his energy. When it is not sufficient, he thinks. Its failure makes him resort to inner FAITH, which always works, never fails. This is the spiritual effort.
  • How can one arrive at that point? Unconsciously pressed by circumstances, consciously by self-illumination. Not giving up is to allow the circumstances to put pressure on us. To think or meditate is to awaken the inner self-illumination of Faith.
  • Give a live example and it will be striking.
  • Formula is 'Don't' give up - search inside.'
  • A post of English lecturer was advertised by a communal college to which a II class MA of that community applied. At the interview, there was a Ph.D., two I Class holders and nine others. He was heart-broken, but did very well in the interview. The Ph.D. was selected for the only post advertised. The II Class candidate left the office but was looking at himself from his faith. A complete practical disappointment was there on the entire surface as a depressing reality. Still the spark of faith was there below. As he concentrated on it, he was at the gate of the college. His name was shouted from behind. The professor called him and appointed him to a temporary post just created, as he had done well at the interview!

story | by Dr. Radut