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Birth of the Spiritual Individual


July 6, 2007

The advent of the Supramental Being of course will be preceded by the Spiritual Individual. It needs the definition of Spiritual Individuality. We know what individuality is distinct from Personality. Its birth in the American in the physical plane now rules the world. To conceive of what can be described as physical Individuality, vital Individuality, mental Individuality and Spiritual Individuality will help us to know human progress as the history of Man's psychological growth.

  • Individuality is a product of the Spirit, not a product of Nature as Personality and its earlier versions of character, behaviour and manners.
  • The Individual is born when the universe concentrates on one point. That Individual universalises to fulfil himself and includes in himself the Transcendent.
  • Such a birth can be witnessed at the four levels of human personality.

Nature is a field of Force, not one of consciousness or Being. So the products of Nature are governed by the laws of Force, Karma. Consciousness or being cannot take shape in the field of Nature. The forms of being or consciousness are NOT governed by the Force. So, Individuality is the Form of consciousness or being acting in knowledge or Ignorance. Mental, vital, physical Individualities act in ignorance. Spiritual Individuality alone acts in knowledge.

  • The characteristic feature of Individuality is it acts in a field of freedom, expressing the energies of the Infinite. All its actions are expressions of the infinite emerging out of the finite.
  • Each act of it will contain at least one element that is unique and entirely new to the experience of Nature on earth.
  • Conversely, the birth of such Individuality is helped by Man acting in freedom, from his uniqueness, trying to express the infinite in his finite circumstances.
  • We see the American thus qualifying for Individuality. His physical circumstances are ones of unlimited freedom. Vitally, he possesses all that he earns paying no taxes. He permits no social inhibition as he acts in a wilderness where there is no society. His motto is any problem has a solution, thus expressing one touch of infinity. From an isolation which he cherishes, he was compelled to emerge all over the world and has assumed leadership or accorded leadership in all known fields of human existence. He naturally gets into a larger rhythm. In the Second World War his army of 36,000 was very soon blown into four million soldiers. It is seen in his efficiency, the volume of output, its result of global domination.

If the above assessment is true, it must be possible to trace its earlier versions over the centuries and particularly in the past hundred years. The world is in the process of reaching human unity, world union, world government, all of which are processes of creating a well-formed human collectivity. Even before this process is completed, the earliest symptoms of the Spirit in life trying to take some shape in attitudes, policies, strategies, and actions must be there as nothing makes a sudden appearance.

  • Theoretically, every event in the world must lend itself to be interpreted in terms of the future birth of Individuality in the spiritual plane.
  • We said the characteristics of such an Individuality are freedom, infinity, uniqueness, the infinite emerging out of the finite, being the first of its kind, an act that is almost not called for by the circumstances, an act that is inconceivable by human reason, an act that defies the logic of the finite and takes on itself the logic of the infinite, a capacity to express the fullness of existence.

Some examples are:

  1. King Ashoka eschewing the violence of war at a time he emerged as the strongest of monarchs in India.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi choosing non-violent satyagraha to achieve Indian Freedom.
  3. Success of the French and Russian Revolutions removing the earlier barriers.
  4. Voluntary dissolution of the USSR in 1991.
  5. American workers in the 19th Century being paid ten times higher than in Europe.
  6. FDR asked depositors  to return it to sinking banks.
  7. Churchill's fight against Hitler.
  8. The two world wars irrationally arising as if to break all the physical barriers of human existence.
  9. The significance of veto during the transition from monarchy to democracy in the international arena.
  10. Formation of the EU offering a wider collective base than the nation for the emerging Individual.
  11. The significance attached to human rights.
  12. Attention to invalids.
  13. Saving millions of lives not able to survive.
  14. The feminine movement.
  15. Money that was chased by men chasing men not credit-worthy.
  16. Micro credit's success.
  17. IRA's organised violence neutralised by the emerging economic Individual.
  18. Fareed Zackaria's book on Future of Freedom.
  19. Old age benefits in Europe.
  20. Absence of working class in USA.
  21. The rapid growth of the middle class everywhere.
  22. From Napoleon to Mao, leaders are from outside the aristocracy.
  23. Instead of top students seeking the patronage of top universities, the trend is reversed.
  24. Shift from religion to Spirituality.
  25. Absence of leaders in the world - their absence is being filled by the leadership of an IDEA or Principle.
  26. Leadership is moving from old age to youth to children.
  27. Dissolution of imperialism.
  28. India invented Buddhism, now China follows it. The inventor outgrowing his invention.
  29. Congress won freedom and DMK rules Tamil Nadu. Discarding the leadership that refuses to grow with the times positively as in Apple or negatively in DMK.
  30. It is not the aristocratic Darcy who succeeded with Eliza but Darcy the Individual.
  31. Shift in education from memorisation of information to understanding the subject.
  32. Talents are paid, not the diplomas.
  33. Preparing the Individual negatively by the active exertions of betrayal, jealousy.
  34. The extraordinary abilities of Sherlock Holmes were not paid as his aim was NOT to emerge as an individual but to serve the reputation of the dying aristocracy.
  35. The vast efforts of the American Individual  in the physical plane to enter into the vital plane.
  36. The emergence of Individuality in terrorism as a negative expression of the positive phenomenon.
  37. The active presence of the Internet to fully and intensely encourage men to seek their individualities as we see it in Wikipedia.

Individuality can be best understood if we do not make the mistake of identifying it with the leadership or genius with which there is a partial overlapping of some of its aspects.


The Last Stage of Money where the Individual can create any amount of money - the wealth the world has already created.

  • In MySpace a 17 year girl offered her designs free and attracted a lot of traffic. She became a multimillionaire. An entrepreneur was paid $100 to refer one customer of his to a web server. There are innumerable sites like these.
  • The 17 year girl is creative and expansive. Her creation enormously appeals to teenagers. This creates an infinite market.

The girl's creativity and expansiveness in touch with teenage enthusiasm create a vast market and millions of dollars for her.  One who is creative and expansive can be in touch with youth, market, energy or any part of his being.

The Spiritual Individual is naturally creative and expansive.

He can be creative in any field, e.g. education.

To us, one who is creative in wealth is of importance.

Internet made the girl wealthy.

Wealth is only one expression of the Internet.

The Individual can be physical, vital, mental, spiritual, Psychic.

He can be creative in any field.

So from five planes he can express in fifty social planes.

Our theme is the world's wealth created by one single Individual.

Naturally He should be a Psychic Individual, i.e. He must be in touch with his evolving Self. He must be creative in wealth, i.e. grow by giving.

To him, growth by giving must be a real sensation.

Creativity, expansiveness made possible by self-giving in Money by one who is stationed in his Psychic being is creative of wealth, not Money. Obviously, it is endless. In our context, the world's present dimensions are the limit. The teenager above is paid by the advertiser. All free campaigns earn from advertisement. The Spiritual Individual will take one further step. As the teenager is socially creative, He will be spiritually creative, i.e. Self-creative.

No advertiser need pay him. It is society paying. He will be ‘paid' by the Self. Our contribution is to create that spiritual mechanism in the society as an expression of organisational procedure.

story | by Dr. Radut