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Chit Fund, Hire Purchase, Credit Card Budget Deficit, Lottery


December  20, 2005

  • Money that began as a medium of exchange, a thing in itself, a physical object has moved to a vital organisation of transaction. It moves to represent Trust in society and finally becomes a social and divine Force.
  • During this process it detaches itself from its physicality, vitality and mentality and reveals itself as a pure spiritual force, an expression of consciousness as will in ever-widening spheres.
  • Chit fund enables by trust one man among a dozen people to gain the use of money of all those people which is his own earnings of the future. It is a primary organisation of trust. The emphasis here is on the trust of the organizer and secondarily on the honesty of the subscribing member.
  • Hire Purchase is the same organisation extending to a wider market where the resources of endless customers are readily available to each member, physically represented by the product he buys. Observe the following facts here
  1. The Trust in the organiser of the chit fund is here transferred essentially to the member-customer and is vested in the physical product. As that Trust gets shifted to the member, the scheme widens in proportion. It is a shift in Trust from the physical product to the vital behaviour of the member-customer.
  2. The Trust in the organiser of the chit fund which is essential for that scheme is shifted to the greater number of the members.
  3. The credit card further moves it to the credit-worthiness of the member.
  4. We see money thus moving from property to productive work, to reliability of the product and the reliability of the person. Even here the reliability moves to the credit-worthiness from even the earning capacity. Organisation upgrades; money, in proportion of that extending organisation, multiplies. Or the organisation moves from the physical to the vital to the mental.
  5. Speed is an essential element that contributes to the result. In theory every aspect - all the aspects of all the 8 planes from Sat to Matter - contributes, but speed is visible while others are not.
  6. When Mother says that She would not give us the opportunity to lie if we decide not to, She emphasises the truth that we are what we are, not what we do.
  7. Budget deficit is a process by which the government becomes an instrument to transfer the savings of the public to public utility through the mechanism of paying the interest perennially, even after losing the capacity to return the capital. The sixty year mortgage enables the borrower to have the use of the house in return of the regular instalment, which is a little more than the rent. Credit moves from the physical material property to a small service charge.
  8. As the Hire Purchase shifts the Trust from the chit fund organiser to the wider market, a further organisation will take that Trust to the entire population and enable the lottery ticket purchaser to get one crore by buying a ticket of 1 rupee. Credit card is the intermediate term between the Hire Purchase and a lottery where all gets the prize.
  9. The speed of consciousness enables the basket of fruit to become an endless source of supply of fruits. The movement of a man is caught by a moving film and reproduced to the mind of the observer through the mechanisms of persistence of vision of the mind and the running film in the projector. The speed of the consciousness that exceeds that of light is able to endlessly multiply the fruits in the basket. There is NO fruit in the basket. It is Shankara's Maya that creates the illusion of a fruit. As the speed of money circulation increases its supply or the supply of its use, the speed of the consciousness increases the illusory fruit. The fruit is an illusion to the perceiving Mind. It is a ‘reality' to the consciousness. It is the process of creation that acts here. As God has created the world through that Process, Mind is creating an endless supply of fruits by its increasing Speed.
  10. Speed in turnover increases the profit, NOT the capital. Speed in consciousness increases the supply of fruits without increasing the number of baskets. In Hire Purchase and credit card, the organisation is conceivable, as they are vital. Here the same organisation is mental-spiritual and therefore less tangible. In the Internet it pushes the speed to infinity and opens the gates of physicality on to the subtle planes. Note the value shifts from the act of possession to act of use, a shift from the physical to the vital. It must be possible to further shift the faith to a mere understanding. A further step is to be. Sri Aurobindo has taken it from to be to to evolve. The Infinity of the Absolute is capable of being, evolving or not evolving, leaving the choice to the Absolute.

─ The Absolute remains Absolute even in Matter.

─ The substance or consciousness always retains the aspect of infinity in varying forms.

To see the varying forms of infinity is spiritual perception.

─ To give an example is a process of mentalisation, says The Mother. To give the explanation of the Process is to take the Mind from the gross physical to the subtle mental. To be able to explain to oneself the process by which the fruits multiply is to bring Shankara's Maya to Physical. Shankara described Maya - lower Maya - to reject the world. Explaining the higher Maya by which fruits multiply is for the purpose of accepting life, accepting infinity in life and Matter, what I call practical concept of infinity. Money is a theme that lends itself to this interpretation, especially because of the speed of Internet. Now that the experience is there, explanation is possible as we can refer to the past developments to explain the Theory of Development.

story | by Dr. Radut