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087. The Climax in a Music Performance

Nehru, speaking on August 15, 1947 said that we had a tryst with destiny which was then fulfilled. Every successful act in life, however simple or mundane, is in some measure such a tryst with destiny for that particular person. Unless all the ingredients of success are successfully handled in an act, no act can meet with success. Between the successful completion of an act and its possible acme, there is a long way to go.

Not all musical performances are a grand success for a musician. In a musical performance that is rising to a climax, stopping short of it a second earlier will not win the applause of the climax.  It is a delicate sensitive moment of consummate victory. At such a climax, the audience readily rises to the occasion by a thunderous applause. It is not only the privilege of the star performer, but every musician often arrives in his performances at such a climax.

The humble cook, the prestigious lawyer, the venerable teacher all have such moments in their professions. All of us interact with life all the time. Often we accomplish, often we touch our climax in such a routine transaction. They are the moments when the perfected skill in work brings the Spirit of work to the fore. Especially such moments are valuable in human relationships and are of rare spiritual value. Those who have had such experiences, recognising this spiritual truth, can endeavour now with great success to invoke the Spirit.

One reader of my column who has successfully practised it in his business has written to me saying that since he began this practice, life has been vastly transformed for the better.

story | by Dr. Radut