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Complete Act Completes Itself


                                                                                                            September 12, 1991

   An act splits itself into several components in several planes. When the act is completed, each of these components is in a particular condition. If these conditions are simulated or stimulated, the act completes itself

   When a motor is running, we know in what condition the several parts are, the position of the switch, the state of electric wires, the voltage level, the relation in terms of connections between the motor, the starter, the switch, the parts of the motion, the state of their motion etc. Approaching the idle motor, if we bring all the components to the state they were in while running, we will find the motor suddenly starting and running. Putting all the parts in the required state and their interrelations as required, when the state reaches the required level, there is no force that can prevent the motor from running. This explains the physical requirement. There is a consciousness counterpart to the physical condition. Suppose in a work with which we are unfamiliar, our consciousness can acquire the required state, then too, its translation to the physical plane is possible.

   When Mother says man can evolve into a supramental being by first evolving his consciousness to the required level, SHE means this.

   We can make an experiment to verify this principle of a complete act completing itself in our daily life. Every act of ours like opening a door, writing a word, answering the doorbell, is a complete act of whose process we are unconscious though the result is within our reach. Whether the process is conscious or unconscious, as long as the full process is in our possession, the result issues.

   Let us take the ACT of getting a letter typed. One starts learning typing, handling the machine, the manuscript, the act of actual typing and further acquires experience. At this stage he conceives of a letter and has the material of that letter in his mind. Now that he knows the art of typing, he sits at the machine and types out the letter. At the point of finishing the letter, his consciousness contains the entire process of typing this letter starting from the day he learnt typing, in Essence. Suppose one is in that plane of consciousness already and he acquires this ESSENCE of having typed the letter without himself having physically learnt the typewriting, he will be in a position to type out this letter as the servant of the Greek philosopher recited the Greek poem, a subliminal process.

   This process is valid for any act and therein lies a great power for individual progress or social development if only one knows the process and has the capacity to induce that process in a man or the society. Mother has tried to evolve the Supramental being by that process.

story | by Dr. Radut