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077. An Experiment – Complete Preparation

Now that you are able to shift to the Spirit, the next item for the experiment is preparation of the various aspects of work.


I would  know I have shifted to the Spirit by the inner calm?

Mind no going back to old doubts, usual questions, and expectations is the indication of the shift.

As I told you, they are there off and on. You want me to act for this experiment when that calm is there. Why does the calm go?

When you resort to the auspicious hour, product reputation, and the like, the calm goes away. You should desist from them.

You told me earlier that complete preparation means I should not repeat my past errors, and express values like punctuality, cleanliness, silent will, etc. in work. Orderliness too.

I should ask for perfect executions of work and complete preparation for that. That is the best. You must give your BEST without sparing yourself. This is indispensable.


I shall take my work, split each item into five or ten sub-units and subject them to the test of this efficiency standard.

That will be ideal. No one should say that something more could be done.

It should be an effort better than all my previous efforts.

I repeat, this is good, but all your energies must be exhausted. In this shift of mind and complete preparation, already you will observe the change of the atmosphere. The negative symptoms will recede and positive omens will arise. Before execution, it must become fully positive. What now remains is the execution.

story | by Dr. Radut