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Consciousness – Equivalent


June 24, 2002

  • Politics is a field where victory matters, not experience. The young prince when he ascends the throne is obeyed, his wisdom is not questioned, nor the wisdom of the Lama because he is seven years old. That is how power is obeyed. A fresh graduate was elected M.P. in the Indian Parliament and the first session he was elected Deputy Speaker. The Speaker called him to the chair to conduct the business before he ever witnessed one session of the Parliament. What matters is the electoral victory.
  • When a man comes to Mother, he enters the higher consciousness as the young prince who succeeds to the throne. Mother at once gives him all the power he needs for the final success in yoga or life. She needs no gradual absorption of experience. What SHE needs is receptivity. The change is instantaneous. We rarely see this phenomenon though we see very striking results.
  • To know Mother, to come to Her is the most momentous event in our life. It is more than luck, it is grace. We rarely realise this truth.
  • Experts in management know it is easier to raise a company that is marginally profitable to high profit than raising a company that is marginally losing to marginal profit since the first is to raise a positive company to profits while the latter is to convert a negative company to positive existence which consumes 100 % of one's energy.
  • An intelligent boy who is lazy will never allow himself to fail, but will always secure poor pass marks. A really dull boy with the maximum effort will fail to touch the border. The difference in scores of 5 or 10 cannot be understood as small. Both are in different worlds. The one is positively organised and the other is negatively organised. To change the one into the other needs all the energies of the whole community. The 5 or 10 scores is the consciousness-equivalent to 100 % in five different subjects.
  • Those who have worked in Indian and American companies will know that the Indian company can never be changed to American efficiency, as the Indian company needs to supply itself the entire social atmosphere of USA in terms of efficiency. At the first Touch Mother gives that Himalayan Energy which changes - 2% to +2% which is not 4% change but a 400% growth.
  • If anyone wants to have a personal experience, he can choose a person who is naturally LAZY which means he loves to be lazy and prides in it and try to make him dynamic. He will consume the energy that can found a great corporation. Introduce him to Mother. You will witness the miraculous phenomenon of evolution which receives all the energy of evolution for its present existence. Being an infinite, the laziness will absorb all the energy to grow in laziness.
  • Human choice converts the negative into positive.
  • When Man receives Mother's Energy for Evolution, he absorbs it into his human consciousness to organise his human propensities. We do it all the time. To recognise it and change is the clue to grow into Her consciousness.
  • Not to know that is unconsciousness. Not to change is egoistic.
  • Mother called it egoistic unconsciousness of Man.
  • When the seasonal river starts receiving freshes, and shows one inch of water on its bed, it has saturated the depth of its aquifer not only on its bed but on both sides of the banks as far as seepage permits. What is seen as one inch, a shallow flow, is really one hundred feet of water below overflowing as one inch.
  • Imagine the following situations.

- A low class person rising in status.

- An old dilapidated castle renewed as a modern building without destruction.

- A cook-maid marrying an industrialist.

- A bankrupt rising into prosperity.

- A house plot of 8 feet depression needing to be filled in with mud and sand sinking even after filling.

  • These changes takes aeons, they don't happen by themselves. If the change is to be manually accomplished, it draws the energy of moving mountains. It is impossible and when it is possible it consumes the energy of a whole world.
  • We also witness the phenomena of

- The municipality dumping its garbage and filling up a low lying house plot.

- A beggar-singer responding to the encouragement of a cinema director rising to national fame.

- The poor boy loitering on the street ending up as Governor of an Indian province by his own effort that is inner.

- The National Museum showering its resources on an old castle to preserve its pristine purity.

  • In all of these cases, the infinite dimension of energy and help comes from an outside agency except in the case of the poor boy who took inner effort.
  • In Mother, both of these Infinities are available as grace.
  • What the municipality, director, and National Museum do Mother does on her own to shift us from the finite to the Infinite. We can receive it as such and shift when the inner infinity awakens to render it permanent. We can receive it as results which will be a passive phase or one time result.
  • To know Mother's Touch is the touch of the Infinite for us to emerge out of our finiteness into Infinity is KNOWLEDGE and to follow it is siddhi - realisation. To let Her touch our own inner Infinity is the sunlit path which is permanent.
  • To know Mother has that power is comprehension.

To believe that SHE acts only like that is Faith.

To be able to give another this knowledge is to have Faith ourselves.

To act on that basis and see results in a Token Act is a miraculous moment.

To possess that power forever is to make that occasional miracle permanent.


  4-conduct the business

  4-conduct the business before he ever witnessed one session of the Parliament-something is wrong with this sentence,not sure what.

  28-Human choice converts the negative into positive-I think In the given context it should have been

"Human choice converts the positive into negative"

story | by Dr. Radut