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089. Consecration is Invocation of the Spirit

We live for ourselves or for our family. Good souls live for others. Patriots live for the country. The Rishi lives for God. Consecration is to act for God and to live on earth to fulfil His goals on earth.  Our life is automatic. Whether it is sneezing or walking, the body acts without any conscious reference to our wishes or permission.

In a conversation, if you decide not to answer a certain question, you find yourself answering without your volition. It happens, just as you cannot prevent yourself from sneezing which is a subconscious act.

Our acts are bodily acts, our emotions are of our vitality and our thoughts are of our mind. None of them are ours, of our being.  The Godman lives for God or the Spirit and acts for the Spirit. To act for God is called consecration. Acting thus, one certainly invokes the Spirit.

Try not to speak against your will, you will scarcely succeed. You will always find yourself speaking against your decision. When you are arranging for your daughter's wedding or negotiating a big order, the biggest you have ever received, try to consecrate each thought, each feeling as well as each act related to it, you will see the result you wished for. Often it will be far better than you can conceive of.

To consecrate is to let God act in us on our behalf. Certainly HE is more capable than ourselves and will reach greater results. Our faith in our own capacities is so great that we do not trust God - even God - with our affairs. To believe in God is to believe in Spirit. To put our acts in HIS hands is to invoke the Spirit. In the language of yoga, it is called consecration. Surrender to God is the ideal condition of a devotee or sadhak doing yoga. What consecration begins, surrender completes and consummates

story | by Dr. Radut