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098. Dacoits in the Train

Some one in Bihar in active services was on an official tour. As part of his work he collected Rs. 7 lakhs of money and was travelling in the train. It was usual for him to carry several lakhs of money with him on his tours. Being in the active services and by nature a courageous person, he never had vibrations of fear emanating from his solar plexus.

There was an alarm and a commotion in the running train. He at once understood dacoits were in action. He would have had nothing to fear if so much money had not been with him. It was not his money. If lost, he must be answerable to his office. Thoughts ran wild in his mind, but fear never arose. He called the gods he worshipped. It was flat.

Suddenly it came to him that a week before he had seen a TV programme in which a lady from Chennai spoke of hurricane. He thought of calling that Mother to help him, as he knew Her great power which had saved the one house where Her picture was. By this time, the dacoits were in his compartment ransacking it. No thought entered his mind, not even the money in his possession, not even the Mother he had called a few minutes ago feebly. He was the MOMENT, the moment of crisis in his life. He rose to the occasion inwardly. During such moments the Spirit surfaces. Only such a moment is to the liking of the Divine Mother. He came to himself in spite of the dacoits doing havoc and quietly managed to call The Divine Mother.

The train stopped. Help came in the shape of armed police. The dacoits took to their heels. When he came to himself, he looked at the place where his bag of money was. It was there intact.

story | by Dr. Radut