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095. Debt Burden

When man discovered the institution of credit, he emerged from the narrow physical insular shell of selfishness into playing a role in another's life. Today's modern world of civilised economy stands on the firm shoulders of credit.  Credit has done to the world the same service education has done. Credit in the giver becomes debt in the receiver. Man has a genius of making a fetter out of every fine instrument he has fashioned for himself.

Credit, thus, has become debt and a burden of debt. There was a time when two middle class people in urban areas met and compared notes of their debts. A new phenomenon is emerging in the same class slowly: now two such people discuss their savings. Our concern is about those who were caught in the debt trap and are not able to emerge out of it. The Spirit offers a way out to those who care to avail of it on its own terms.

Human experience knows what is once lost is lost forever. An error committed once cannot be rectified later. He who foolishly walked into the trap of debt cannot now hope to come out of it by regretting. One has to suffer the consequences of it. The Spirit tells him, "If you regret in your emotions the folly of an earlier act, or reverse your past attitudes now in your understanding and feelings, your debts will fully dissolve, liberating you forever."

  • In life, acts of folly are irreversible;
  • In Spirit, acts of earlier folly can now be reversed in emotions deeply felt;
  • Spirit corrects physical FACTS by the reversal of TRUE feelings deeply realised.
  • A mountain of Debt can dissolve into thin air if there is a mountain of felt emotions regretting it.


story | by Dr. Radut