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073. Depression

Some people are depressed by nature. Others have a tendency to depression and the tendency takes possession of them when they meet with a failure or neglect, etc. There are other types of individuals who have been normally cheerful but fall into depression at a turning point of their lives and never emerge out of it. As a rule, all of them believe it is inevitable and resign themselves to it. Some seek medication which gives temporary relief, making a more intense recurrence of depression inevitable.

At the age of 31, an engineer was seen to be depressed by a friend of his. The depression was with him for several years. The friend suggested he pray to The Mother and invoke the inner Spirit to dissolve the depression. The next day the engineer felt some hope of substantially overcoming the depression soon. His friend took him to another person who could explain in detail the roots of depression, its various expressions, etc. in a rational manner.

The engineer listened to a long list of descriptions of various sort and was delighted, because those descriptions exactly tallied with his inner predicament. He could understand the various ideas given by way of explanation. He left the man with a determination to get rid of the depression. About a fortnight later they met. The one who gave the advice was surprised to see the bright face of the engineer and eagerly inquired, "How are you and how is the depression?"  "It left me entirely the next day when I woke up" was the reply. It never came back in the next thirty years.

The ONE idea of calling the Spirit in to drive away the depression that possessed him was explained in various commonsense ways. Spiritually it is not the depression that possesses us; but it is we who possess it. The engineer's determination to get rid of it left no more scope for the depression to remain.

story | by Dr. Radut