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Chapter 6i Development Theory Level 9

September 3, 1996

1)      Man begins his existence as physical existence at 9.

2)      This part is exclusively and purely physical, even as 1 is exclusively and purely mental.

3)      9 is untouched by vitality or mentality in the least.

4)      It is in direct touch only with 8 and in indirect touch with 3 and 6.

5)      Movement and sleep are its statuses in consciousness and substance.

6)      What appears to us as a clod from the point of view of developed man is really the culmination of Man's evolution from the animal. The animal vitality having evolved to human mentality is born as Man whom we find at 9.

7)      This man is only capable of movement, and emotion or thought has not yet been born in him. Mentality is only in potential while Man is at 9.

8)      Sri Aurobindo says the intelligence of the primitive man who fashioned the tools out of stones is the same as the modern scientist. When the species is born its highest intelligence is also born with it. Only that it is in potential while he is at 9.

9)      For that intelligence to flower and reach either 3 or even 1, it has to evolve emotions and sensations.

10)    Man at 9 is one who is in a dazed mental condition, if it could be called ‘mental' by any stretch of the imagination or linguistic usage.

11)    The only thing he is really capable of is movement.

12)    In the absence of those inherent movements, he lapses into sleep.

13)    As the new born baby, he is representing the nascent conditions of the newly evolved member of the species.

14)    9 can be compared to 1 with respect to the Higher mental Silence. The conditions of 9 with respect to Man is the same as 1 with respect to the faculty of the Higher Mind that understands through Silence.

15)    9 is to the physical as 6 is to the vital and 3 is to the mental.

16)    3 is empirical and organises its facts into system that is decision, but is at sea faced with the concepts of 1. So does 9 feel with respect to 7.

17)    6 which is the first member of the vital is placed in a similar position with 4.

18)    The one asset of 9 is movement and that is all the source of its energy and later intelligence.

19)    The purity of 9 as pure physical is so complete that it permits evolution of vitality by its movements.

20)    The Supramental Being will be born if 9 is supramentalised in consciousness and substance.

21)    As its freshness permits it to evolve vitality, so too its pristine purity when deconditioned to its original status permits supramentalisation.

22)    By the time it is ready to be mentalised, the very flesh turns into the grey matter of brain.

23)    The influence of 1 penetrates to 9, to its substance.

story | by Dr. Radut