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Discovery of the Spirit in Life


December  22, 2002

   Advance of civilisation arrives at revelations which later become their culture. The Greek's intellectual culture, the Roman's love of law, the European scientific enquiry, British patronage of democracy and the American's excelling in practical organisation are such consummations. The Indian discovery of the Spirit as the underlying principle for all these expressions and their reliance on that spiritual approach to shape their daily life are unique to India.  This is the basis of Sri Aurobindo's statement that India would become the Guru of the world.

The world is treating USA as the leader and is taking after her culture. Even in India this is true. I consider this movement in the historical perspective that Nature develops her several facets at several parts of the globe before she achieves her desired consummation. The full cycle of human capacities having been developed successively, what remains now is to unite them all. I see Indians moving to the West in that light.

   Vedic India, living in unison with Nature, handed us through ages a living concept of spirituality in life. As India took to asceticism, rituals and worship, this wisdom is now available only with the priestly class as mantras that could deal with 14, 600 life situations.

   The West that worshipped matter, material inquiry into scientific truths, did discover Brahman in Matter, not as the ascetic did but as the true Spiritual values of life, which make the Spirit express effectively in daily life.  Spiritual power in life is that power of truth, orderliness, regularity, etc. bringing about far greater results than we are used to. No science would have come into existence if scientists had been speaking falsehood, were clumsy, dirty, dishonest, or secretive which are the values of darkness. 

   There is a mantra to solve a problem.  When chanted, that problem is solved. One who is truthful, disciplined, etc. and does not contravene any spiritual value finds the mantras powerful. Those who do not speak the truth, who are dirty or dishonest, etc. chant the mantras, but they evoke no power. The mantra is a realisation of a saint and it works for those who abide by the rules of that mantra. One who honours spiritual values in work - Truth, integrity, etc. - directly evokes the powers of Spirit without the aid of any mantra. Every attitude of his is a mantra. His life will witness the power of hundreds of mantras. That is what the scientists and scholars of the West now witness.

   The Westerner who has discovered the Spirit in Matter has NO spirit inside and he is proud of disbelieving it. His inner being carries no light of Spirit. Deep down in his body there is not only no light, but according to the Divine Mother, it is dark, while the bodies of Indians carry the light of the Rishis. The Indian life externally is poor, dark, and full of values of life that are not true.  Should the Indian develop the values of Truth in life, as the Westerner has, he will find that the inner Spirit will emerge some time to express through his life. Their joining together will unleash a power the world has not known so far.

   The instantaneous success of the Green Revolution was because of the truth of organisation which when commissioned evoked the underlying spiritual truth of Indian peasantry of self-reliance.

story | by Dr. Radut