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099. Dreams

Dreams take away a good deal of energy. Sleeping without dreams is restful. Dreams of the subconscious are a horror, those of the subliminal indicate the future. Such dreams go on building on each previous dream. Dreams are in the subtle planes sometimes covering very long periods in very short moments. Tradition says early morning dreams come true. One type of dream, according to Hindu tradition, indicates the very opposite of it.

There are people who often dream of some particular person attacking them. Mother says it is one of the mechanisms of the opposite symbolism. If I am angry at a person and have ill-will for him, in the dream I see him attacking me. This is a self-protective mechanism. The truth is I never want to think ill of myself and always want to think well of myself. So I present my ill-will towards another person as ill-will towards me. To those who are working towards self-awareness, this is a pointer. Self-awareness is the basic support of calling in the Spirit.

Symbolism and dreams, though separate subjects, go together. In the dream, water means emotion. Peacock is victory. Rain is grace. Lion is courage. Flying in the air is ambition in life. The same flying, for one in spirit, in fast movement of consciousness. Train, bus, etc. too indicate fast progress of consciousness. One who often dreams of hoards attacking him has anti-social opinions because of his upbringing. To see Mother in the dream is darsan in the subtle plane.

Those who have nightmares can call Mother in the dream and to their surprise will see the nightmare vanishing. It is Her protection even in the dream. Not all people can call Mother in the dream or remember to call Her. It is a spiritual privilege

story | by Dr. Radut