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Our environment was polluted when industry strayed from the basic axiom that industry is to serve people, not disturb the physical environment. The disturbance was a result of unthinking initiatives. The argument that pollution is inevitable or a lesser evil is not valid. It is right pollution must be rooted out in its roots. Employment is a natural birthright with which no government, for whatever reasons, has a right to tamper. Employment is a political right. Only that government  that creates full employment is politically right. No government has the right to justify unemployment of any degree. The argument technology removes jobs is no argument. Technology is for the people, people are not for technology. The greater truths are -- "Technology offers people a higher standard of living" and "Technology, having made life easier, creates far greater number of jobs than it abolishes. What it abolishes is low jobs and what it creates  is high level jobs."

-- Unemployment is a political problem and must be considered from that perspective.

-- To consider unemployment a problem is an anachronism of the pre-war period where man is subjected to structure of government. 21st century is the century of the emerging Individual and the economy and government structure must be subordinated to HIM.

story | by Dr. Radut