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Essence of Sending Mother


                                                                                                                                February 18, 2000

"Mother goes to all these innumerable points from one centre which is the centre of our personality. That is the essence. Raise it and send Mother from the new elevation."

Consider the following:

  1. A striking result of 40% increase in sales has issued for our PERSONALITY.
  2. We know what it is today.
  3. If Mother going from there has raised sales to 40%, Mother going from a purer personality will do a greater job.
  4. By essence I mean that centre; by work, I mean to raise its quality.
  5. Draw a double column of present personality and its changed status.

Let us carry the argument further.

   Suppose we change our personality and it changes 40% into 80 or even 100% What has happened? What do we do further? Is it the end? The practical fact is it does not go to 100 or even 80. It rises a little further and stops. Often it is difficult to maintain the 40%. At that time we give the arguments of season, climate, etc. conveniently forgetting that in those months of rise these arguments were not in action. When facts are inconvenient, MAN has a way of ignoring them.  He has too a resourcefulness to square accounts with them. Look at our past, they will be true.

  1. We never looked at our experience in that light;
  2. Inconvenient facts always baffled us;
  3. Our reply or explanations of those facts were always of one type.
  4. Reach that answer, examine it, we will arrive at our deeper personality.

This deeper personality each man has to discover himself. When discovered it is always within his capacity to change it. Man always discovers that he has never once changed at that point. He is determined NOT to change.

Seeing the above descriptions of personality in his own personality, one is face to face with a door that opens on grace. I have graded Man's progress as luck, grace and supergrace.


story | by Dr. Radut