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055. The Ever-Increasing Income

There are really good souls who believe that earning money is unethical. I shall not try to explain my position to them or trace the genesis of their present faith beyond declaring that it was a faith and moral that very well suited the ages when all aspects of life could be lived handling little money. My two important faiths are:

  • 1. Modern life demands considerable expenditure.
  • 2. To earn money HONESTLY is more difficult than sitting for years in tapas, as tapas is done in rarefied regions of pristine purity, but money is to be earned in this world of hard knocks.

One endowed with the wisdom of common sense who re-orients his present expenses on the right priorities as liberally as his circumstances permit, will witness a boom in his income. This does not permit expenditure of vanity, styled as necessity, the necessity of the hour. In delaying the difficult payments, and meeting the expenses urgently required on hand, there is deceit as we take advantage of the creditor who is indulgent and we INDULGE our preference. Liberal right spending removes the blot of deceit from our character. Refusing to indulge in our preferences gives us an inner discipline. These two are spiritual forces and powerful too. Spirit can earn more than the body or the mind.

When you spend liberally on what is due, the recipient is rightly exulting, thus releasing a spiritual power in him. Vain spending makes the recipient consider us in a foolish light and occasionally there may even be unwillingness to receive, as it is an act of ego. 

In flourishing enterprises, one can witness unstinted spending where it is due. That is one reason for continuous growth there. The Divine Mother has declared it as a principle of life and those who need a spiritual confirmation of their understanding may take Her words.


story | by Dr. Radut