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039. Evil Spirits

Jealousy leads people to do black magic on their rivals. The victim ordinarily seeks a remedy through another person who is a better adept. Those who take to Spirit are free from this affliction; but when people are perverse, the religious institutions become seats of this malady. The greater the religious power, the greater is the power of evil. In the West, on such occasions, people resort to medical remedy. Some give way, others do not.

A PhD had a mild attack of this type. He sat up during his sleep and began to bark. Getting up the next morning, he listened to his wife with unbelieving ears. Coming from a poor village, in spite of his high education, he retained the habits of uncleanliness. His clothes were dirty, house was not well swept, the sheets of his bed were never washed, etc. His wife was interested to relieve him of this strange behaviour of which he was unaware. He tried to evoke the Spirit and it never worked. He had faith and therefore persisted but the results were nil. On seeking appropriate advice, he learnt the prime importance of spotless cleanliness. They washed the floor, cleaned the cobwebs on the ceiling, washed the sheets, changed the pillow covers, lighted agarbathi while he was sleeping. He decided to take a bath every night before going to sleep till the visitation left him. It left him on the very first day of his acquiring cleanliness.

Evil spirits are chased by magicians as a rule. Sometimes the spirit--the evil spirit--proves stronger and defies his chanting especially when the victim is an unbeliever. Invocation of the Spirit never fails. Usually it leaves the victim on the first invocation.

story | by Dr. Radut