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088. Examination Fever

At the age of fifty, an experienced doctor in London who had conducted several examinations was required by the rules to take an exam for his next promotion. To his surprise, he developed exam-fever! That is the power of tradition, atmosphere and trust in social belief. Psychologists can distinguish natural fear from the ones that are artificially whipped up, either by the individual or by the collective social belief, which is the presiding deity over human destinies.

Examinations for the student, judgements for the lawyer, annual inspection for offices, negotiations of contract in business, seeking electoral alliances, settling of profit sharing accounts by the junior partner with the all-powerful autocratic, selfish, crafty don of the underworld and a million other occasions in life generate the 'Exam-Fever' for the occasion. Someone idealistically in love meeting his not so idealistic 'beloved' will find the heart racing before the final decision is announced. Even when idealism rules on both sides, the endless obstacles to true love will not permit it to run its course smoothly. Lovers meeting to decide will have the fever of love.

In short, every event that mattes to one in his life or his career is potentially capable of giving this FEVER which has a tendency only to raise its temperature. In life or worship there is no known remedy for this. One learns to live with it. Before you go to bed for as many days as before the appointed day, call MOTHER into your heart in the depths of your personality. Your sleep will be peaceful. Remember it on waking as the first waking thought and repeat that prayer. The FEVER will no longer be there and in its place Spiritual Peace will reign and will be infectious to others.

story | by Dr. Radut