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The Flower called Harmony


                                                                                                            March 15, 1993

   Flowers occupy an essential part in our worship. Tulasi is a symbol of devotion and is offered as such to Lord Krishna. Advanced yogis know the innate nature of any material or any flower. Scores of flowers have come to be so sanctified in various lines of worship. A heart patient, when he came to know that a particular flower was called in one sect, "Light in the Blood", secured that flower and slept with it on his chest. He later reported that his cholesterol content came down by 100 points.

   In a house where tension is a permanent feature, we find that during the visit of an uncle or aunt for a week the tension disappears. The whole household becomes cheerful during the uncle's visit.  Members of the family find it difficult to be quarrelsome in his presence and wish he stays for a longer while. He exudes the vibration of joy or cheerfulness or harmony. When a person is inwardly harmonious, he emanates vibrations of harmony. While he is around, others who are habitually quarrelsome cease to be so. The vibration of disharmony recedes and harmony appears on the surface.

   The flower Coral Vine, called "Queen's Wreath" -- botanically known as Antigonon leptopus -- is usually found as a fence plant. Often it is used as one of the ornamental plants. Its most common variety is pink but it is also found in red and white. The flowers are pearl-like and are about 3 mm wide and 4 mm long. The vibration of harmony steadily rises from these flowers and is capable of turning a quarrelsome, tense house into a calm place. The vibration being innate and natural to the plant, it expresses its spiritual quality.

   The daughter of an eminent jurist once complained, "There is nothing that I lack because my father provided for me handsomely. Only that all my children quarrel with each other and avoid me for one reason or another. This is the regret of my life for the past few years." She tried this flower HARMONY and it brought all her children together. Paying a visit to the person who introduced them to the flower 'harmony' the lady, who had earlier complained, now said, "What happened in my life is truly unbelievable." Her children who accompanied her confirmed the mother's view with their bright countenances and happy smiles.

   A growing business house which has ambitions of doubling and tripling their sales was run by the family. The several brothers with their in-laws managed the several parts of the business. In spite of the underlying, deep affection for each other, the exigencies of work and the differing professional knowledge drove several wedges of separation between them. A hot situation arose when the eldest quit his post and the discussions between others made them forget the business. The house developed several cracks. Someone who had knowledge of this flower's (Harmony) power brought this flower copiously while the different members discussed their differences. In a few weeks, the whole situation changed into one of harmonious affection allowing them to shed their contentions and turning them to the development of the business.

story | by Dr. Radut