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002. Functioning from the Spirit

Functioning from the Spirit demands NOT functioning from the mind or vital attitudes or physical habits. Though not functioning from other parts is essential, it is not enough to release the Spirit into action. It needs an inspiration from inside or a compelling pressure from outside. Should either be there, preferably both, the Spirit acts at once and the results follow instantaneously, at least the new desirable results start flowing into the outer environment.

Tom Gooth is an American and a world traveller. His interest is in the economic programmes, especially for the poor, in the third world nations. He was particular about devising some simple technology which would be accessible to all so that the pervasive poverty would be alleviated. He was trying to fit a motor to the cycle rickshaw and spent a lot of time in Kolkatta. But this was not his main interest. He visited every spiritual place in any country he had visited and learnt about various yogas.

Once he was in Mexico driving a Volkswagen. One afternoon, an hour after leaving the hotel where he had stopped for lunch, he suddenly saw that the shoulder bag which contained his wallet and passport was not in its usual place. He stopped and searched, drove back to the hotel and returned to search at each of the road-side spots where he had paused to rest, but all in vain.

It was truly a moment of despair. All his mental resources were at an end. He recollected every formula he had heard appropriate to the situation but there was no relief. Suddenly, it occurred to him that the Divine Mother had said, "The most desperate moment is the best to call me." He sat on the grass in padmasana and called. The weight on his heart lifted. He thought of resuming his driving. Before he started the van, he glanced around and suddenly saw his bag on a nearby bush! No questions were raised from inside, but there was pure gratitude. His body thrilled. The Spirit never fails, as it knows none. Still, how does it come about is an explanation that is welcome.

story | by Dr. Radut