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Gap between the Ascent and the Descent



  • This is a link which appears to be a gap to the observation that is not subtle.
  • In commenting on Darwin's theory of evolution, Sri Aurobindo speaks of this gap where there is a leap. Until this link is forged, the Theory will remain unexplained.
  • Darwin speaks of the evolution of forms. He speaks of the evolution of consciousness. One is in the gross material plane of physical observation. The other exists in the subtle plane and extends to the causal plane. Hence the gap.
  • Reason means to arrive at a conclusion based on something existing.
  • Intuition includes reason.
  • That intuition which is incapable of rational explanation is relegated to mysticism which is two sided. The dark side is dangerous as vital forces work there. Hence science disregards such fields as superstition. His writing, The Life Divine, is an attempt to present the Process of Creation to the European intellect. The neurological explanation is fascinating, since measurement is a part of it sometimes. The electronic devices measure the immeasurable, but reason demands that the measurement of a movement be done by instruments suited to the thing measured.
  • I wish to express two ideas here:

1. Should this gap be closed and the link established, a link in thought, the world today will receive the Process of Creation, as it did Charles Darwin in the 19th century.

2. Any such attempt has the inherent danger, though not an inevitable one, of strengthening their superstition.

  • Arising out of these two, there are other thoughts.

- Explained from any point of view - there are many, in fact, infinite points of view - the infinite will break out of the finite.

- It will put rationality on a rational basis, opening the door to intuition via insight.

- The theme of eternal romance will become a live logical argument successfully making the heart logical. It will be a kind of infinite logic.

- One can see the eight reversals in any act.

- The importance of the self will shift to the Self.

- One can be expressive of truth in a greater measure or even fully.

- The process of social creation of Money can move to a greater measure of Reality.

These are the two truths through which all of Sri Aurobindo can be delivered to the world.

  • It is easy to know the thinking, rather the thinking process of the lecturer who is a chiropractic. The thinking will reveal, the seeds of the future, wide propagation or fixity which, like Glenn Doman, will prevent its propagation. Conversion of that fixity into flexibility is an evolutionary change or transformation. Such a means reveals the one time potentiality for breaking out of the infinite.
  • Such a change will be achieved when it is sensed, not merely conceived. He qualifies that sensation and says ‘divinely' senses. The divine sensation is necessary for the birth of the Gnostic Being. Human sensation is enough to accomplish in human projects.
  • Eternal Romance exists in the human as well as the divine realms. The world will readily and fully respond to the Romance in the human realm, that is, the charm of ignorance. Man running after the woman is in ignorance of what she really is. If developed, that may be the greatest theme ever developed. To know fully all that the woman really is and then feel the romantic pull is not yet the gravitation to the Supramental consciousness, but it is to act without a purpose, or we can say, it is love of danger for the sake of danger as the inherent freedom is compelling. Maybe it is the eternal adventure. It may not open up the Marvel, but it is most likely to give the Narayana Darsan He had in the jail.

story | by Dr. Radut