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058. Genius is a Power of Spirit

Values may be spiritual, but just because they are so, could they raise mundane results so phenomenally high? Why do we call values Spiritual?

Geniuses are born, not made. They appear a few times in a century. Many of them are known to be a genius even at a tender age; others discover their own divine endowment at a later stage. In them the potential emerges only if the external circumstances are conducive. Incidentally, there is genius in men, in materials, in events, Time or Space which will emerge if conducive circumstances are given. Spiritual values offer those circumstances to all.

There was a time, not only in India, but all over, when education was not meant for all, everyone could not be soldiers, administration was reserved for the select few, ruling the nation belonged to those of the royal family. None of this is true now. So, that Genius is born itself is a question that has to be revalued. A time comes in the life of a genius who was not aware of his greatness when all at once his powers flower in full. When Life is kind to him and offers that TOUCH which will bring out his genius, it flowers. Values in skill, values of attitude, mental values OFFER any work that TOUCH which brings out the Spirit in that work. The Spirit emerges as infinitely great results, which is prosperity.

Physical work gives skill. Vital work -- life experience -- gives agreeable attitudes. Mental comprehension results in good understanding. After raising oneself to the Spirit, if one continues to work, he feels calm, Silent, Peaceful, truthful, honest, loyal, dutiful, etc. all of which are VALUES. Consciously introducing these values in physical, vital, mental work helps one release the Spirit in the work which is abundance. Hence the ever-increasing PROSPERITY.


story | by Dr. Radut