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Greatest Possibility - Themes for book on Indian development


October 31, 2003

(A book on what is practically possible in India today when all the potentials are converted into reality).

  • Several titles to this book are suggested to me. Below I give them and explain why I came to them.

   1. The Hidden Wealth

This is 2003. We know how much other countries have developed. Especially the NRIs know what potentials India has, as they see other countries making good use of them. Research will reveal about a hundred areas. The nation is in a position to use them but we are not availing of them. An article of a couple of pages can be written on each one of the topics. 

    2. Indian Intelligence

This is universally acknowledged for several decades. In each field we can show how this intelligence can be used. Apollo hospitals has demonstrated it in heart surgery. 

  1. Revolution through Evolution

60% of the population lives on land in villages. Agriculture prosperity is essential for national prosperity. There is an alternative. As other nations have reduced their population in agriculture to 5%, we can too. Demographically, 50% of the population is young. Suppose it is possible for this population to enter the service sector in the village itself, the village will be as prosperous as agriculture productivity has risen. It shows that India can escape the agricultural phase. 

  1. Self-awareness is Wealth

The population in India is timid. They do not know the fresh commercial possibilities India has. They know what now exists. There is intense competition at that level. Self-awareness at the existing level of economics as well as at the next level will lead to a boom.  Town newspapers are a new factor. In the rest of the world it is 50 years old. How many such other methods exist is the first part. The next is how many more we can innovate to exploit our own conditions, as Sri Ram Chit funds. Sahara township is another. 

  1. The Strength of India

The real strength of India is her culture. A greater strength is her spirituality. Practically the greatest strength of India is her population. 

  1. The Minimum of the Maximum

The Maximum is to exploit all the potentials fully and create all the possible potentials. The minimum is to do everything possible today within the present constraints. The minimum of the maximum is to create the maximum potentials and use them minimally.  

  1. The Maximum of the Minimum.

Within the existing conditions, by declaring an administrative emergency, compelling government staff to be efficient, and offering the maximum liberalization, India can rise. It can move the nation to $ 6000 per capita income. The minimum the maximum will rise is to $ 12,000.  

  1. The Leader of the Third World

India can offer political, economic, and spiritual leadership to the Third World. Programmes drawn up to that end will raise her income to that of the rich nations. 

  1. Jagat Guru

This is in two stages. As it is, the West is caught up in a degenerative downturn. This has not yet set in, in India. A happy home, absence of violence, absence of loneliness, etc., are eminently possible in India. By doing it on a nationwide scale, India can offer social leadership to the world. Spiritual leadership is the next stage. 

  1. Self-reliance

Should we declare this as a policy, return foreign loans, refuse aid, plan for prosperity, the world will enter a new era led by India.  

  1. World Union

India will succeed in creating a world union when she surmounts her local separative tendencies. Opening up commercial opportunities will in no time overcome linguistic rivalries. Though world union is desirable politically, it can start commercially in India as a forerunner.

  • The above 12 titles suggested to me. The book can be written with any one of them as the focus. In this book, I expect them to become subtitles if not chapter headings.
  • The central theme of the book is, with Spirituality as her base India has a greater scope for Prosperity than any other nation.
  • The same base has given her the strength of ORGANISATION. It is a major strength. But she has no truth, and no organisational values. Is it possible to create these values Now? Given the knowledge of organisation, India can acquire those values in a short time if the appropriate commercial context is created. Some distant signs are there.
  • To expect the government to develop the nation is an illusion. To expect people to acquire values is equally an illusion. But a possibility becoming commercial opportunity makes it real, as education has proved to be. To unleash a movement that spreads is not so difficult as to make it one of values or high standards. Man accomplishes at the level of his personality. To upgrade that personality is not so easy. That too is possible but it is a greater chapter.
  • India has preserved her Spirituality under an unorganised life of poverty, falsehood and darkness. When the top dressing is thrown off, pure truth is likely to emerge in brilliance.
  • The American experience: They accomplished in two centuries the result of two millennia without a spiritual base. We can do so in two decades.
  • The goal is NOT Prosperity, but Spirituality. Prosperity is a stage.
  • India can produce geniuses by the hundreds and lead the world to produce the same by the dozens.
  • Genius that is a rare phenomenon - 3 or 4 in a century - can become like PhDs when Indian leadership is recognised. One PhD in 1876 became 36,000 in 1976.
  • All of today's problems of India -- floods, poverty, illiteracy, slums, overgrown cities, corruption, mafia, black money, AIDS, dishonesty, lack of self-respect, will lend themselves to simple administrative actions. The experience of other nations is there for us to imitate.
  • All the above problems can be solved at one stroke each, as famine gave way to Green Revolution. India is ORGANISED sub-consciously and will readily respond to organisational remedy.
  • The scope for banks, insurance, education, transport, commerce is very great. They all can be exploited fully at once. E.g., Railways of 40,000 miles can be directly extended to 400,000 miles. Money, expertise, education and execution are readily available. It would demand the expansion of road transport commensurately.
  • Wealth is in the living, not in lands or factories.
  • India has the eminent opportunity of expanding her manufacturing sector without pollution.
  • The aim of providing spacious housing to the whole population is a source of great employment and greater wealth.
  • To aim at the minimum education of graduation will appear to be an insane dream but if one plans, it will appear possible, at least in the coming generation. A perceptive evaluation of the present development in the metros will enable us to see that it is real. Ramapuram has gone from Rs.200 in 1970 to Rs.2000 in 1971 and 100,000 in 1980. The same can be expected in education in the coming generation.
  • As the potentials of insurance are infinite and yet to be exploited, every other field has equal potentials.
  • We have the advantage of starting our development with computer and Internet.
  • Arindam Chaudhuri has given a plan to raise India to the level of USA in 2025. I myself have a plan of my own. The truth is as the potentials are vast, about a dozen ways can be thought of for the same goal. Any plan will have a focus - trade, tax, money, education, politics, industry, computer, etc.  All plans are valid. They can be utilized individually or in unison.
  • Should India prosper as other nations, She will be the first nation to reach high prosperity without damage to the environment or individual happiness. But the vast masses unleashing energies has to be accounted for.
  • There is no political power that can contain it. Only spiritual power can.
  • In the measure India is able to give her spirituality - not religion - to other nations, she will meaningfully draw from others. Hence the idea of a foreign youth for each village.
  • Who will implement these ideas? What is the instrumental organisation? Presently these ideas have value in the subtle plane. And it works there. Suppose a township can be created, such as the Sahara Township where all these ideas can be experimented, it will have immediate effect. That needs several thousand crores of rupees. The next level of possibility is to aim at creating a hundred families that can live by these values wherever they are located. Once they can live by these ideals, they can be gathered in a small township, or it may not be necessary. The real difficulty is not to find men who subscribe to these ideals, but for them to carry their families with them. It is not impossible to create social commercial incentives that will be attractive to the family members of these idealists. Family members endorsing those ideals for mercenary causes will not help the idea to spread. Incentives can be shown but will they come forward to seek it for idealistic reasons? Should they do so, the Prosperity Movement will come to life.
  • What is our individual part?
  • Truth is the only answer.
  • Religion distorts the spiritual TRUTH.
  • Will our movement or magazine give the readers Spiritual Truth unsullied by religious flavour or fervour?
  • If that is to take place, we must begin from the beginning and allow no compromises.
  • Such an attitude will call for making all compromises.
  • Making all outward compromises without allowing a single compromise seems to be the STRATEGY.
  • This is practical Idealism.
  • This is a great dream.
  • This is a great Possibility.
  • It is worth trying.

story | by Dr. Radut