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Growing Up Globally


March 22, 2005

  • From Saint Simon during the French Revolution until now, no ideology for global living has been placed before the world.
  • Marx took Simon's phrase, ‘Each according to his ability and each according to his work' and expanded it as fundamentals for socialism and communism.
  • The twentieth century grappled with two world wars and Soviet expansionism.
  • The two world organisations, one totally defunct and the other negatively useful, with an inbuilt positive role in the shape of world organisation are the League and the United Nations.
  • The main utility of the UN was to prevent world wars. Its positive use lies in WHO, Unesco, UNDP, FAO and several international organisations. Their services are great, but they become insignificant against the fact that the UN gave birth to truly international organisations that have come to stay.  The concept of effective international organisations coming true in the lives of these organisations is an evolutionary role the UN played.
  • Beyond this, ONE great historical gain or a step forward in global living is the birth of dozens of international organisations coming to life. They incidentally give greater life to already existing international organisations such as the Olympic Committee.
  • What caught the imagination of humanity are the various aspects of global living. Their first powerful expression is the formation of the EU.
  • Professional associations are springing up all the time. But the non-professional world organisations especially on the Internet, e.g. World Parliament are real signs of this concept becoming alive.
  • Just now if anything can be effectively suggested, it can only be at the level of concepts.

- If they are formed at the level of Europe or the American continent, they must at once make it a world organisation.

- Wherever such a global organisation exists, it must immediately introduce one action to be followed all over the globe. E.g. Suppose the Exporters and Importers already have such an organisation, they can commission the preparation of a Directory sector wise that will keep all the importers and exporters alive to the full potentials.

- There are international activities that have maintained the organisation of periodical conferences. But they can now become an organisation.

- A first step to a ‘World Govt' is to run the Olympics under its auspices and grow organisationally striking roots in various nations.

- Principles we can elaborate are start from where we are and do the utmost best even if it is very little.

A world body can be born at the level of IDEAS.

It can project effective ideas for a future world body.

A movement to organise professions, services, activities into associations at the local, national, continental, and global levels can be initiated, giving a direction to the unorganised work now.

They will reveal the centres of power in brittle bits that can be gathered together later.

A small body of less than 5 or 4 men can be constituted to offer wholly acceptable GLOBAL CONCEPTS to start with.

Very soon it will become an organisation whose VIEWS will be heard with respect all over the world.

  • The idea that Evil is non-existent is indirectly accepted by the world by psychologists, politicians, etc. This is a beginning. They speak of a vague mental idea. To make it a REALITY, even at that level, or to give a philosophical basis for that idea will be earthshaking, as the first casualty is Hell in the West and karma in India.  NO ONE who speaks this is incapable of EVIL in his personal life.

- To make the readers see the reality of no evil mentally or vitally is no mean task for the author.

- Humanitarian service attitude, mental concept, vital concept, ethical realism, life reality, Spiritual truth are the stages through which this IDEA can travel. It is an encyclopaedic work.

In the history of language we see the stages of

- the physical man saying: "I shall kill him"

- the vital man vowing, "Let me put him to shame"

- the mental man deciding, "I can prove him wrong."

  • Your efforts to prove him wrong will make you discover your own wrong.
  • To meet in a dialogue is a civilised act to which Hitler and Jinnah would not have agreed.
  • To trace the psychological stages - at each stage the positive and negative - from the beginning till now will be interesting.
  • In the development of language, mental confusion is to destroy the present mental beliefs and create new opinions.
  • Dialogue can destroy fixed opinions and create an open mind (a mind that has no idea fixed anywhere - confusion).

story | by Dr. Radut