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Hierarchy of Organisation


December 04, 2001

  • The world is governed by a hierarchy of organisations at the physical, vital, mental spiritual and supramental planes.
  • An organisation serves the plane where it is constituted solving the problems and opening up unlimited opportunities, besides serving as a live link with the next higher plane to draw its energies plentifully.
  • All organisations that are visible and are in ready use are physical organisations like transport.
  • Administration, transport, communication, schools and colleges, hospitals and a host of others are physical organisations that execute at the physical level the orders and ideas that have originated above.
  • Organisations of one sector invariably are reinforced and nourished by organisations of all other sectors directly or indirectly.
  • When a new organisation is born in the society, gradually all the existing organisations integrate with it.
  • Thus they grow and offer basic support to the new one to establish itself.
  • Every new technology brought in by one organisation indirectly serves all the other organisations it is integrated with.
  • A very physical organisation such as roads is improved by the new road-laying technique, the signals, the cell-phones, computers, and Internet.
  • Next to the physical organisation is the vital organisation such as law, administration, education, and training. Law rules and therefore is vital, though its codification is mental.
  • There is a body of laws that are not physical but rule inevitably the law-enforcing authorities. It is a vital organisation.
  • The list of physical organisations is long. It is useful to know them exhaustively. The army is the most important of them.
  • All life is sustained by organisations. Roads, markets, government administration, schools, colleges, all factories, shops, railways, airports, buses, workshops, offices, etc. belong to the physical organisation.
  • The invisible laws written down as statutes govern the courts and police. Every physical organisation is thus governed by vital organisations and further mental organisations.
  • All offices are so governed by laws, rules and orders.
  • If the physical buildings form the physical organisation, the power issuing from the laws form the vital organisations.
  • Education is governed by the syllabus.
  • The army is governed by the courage of men.
  • The society is governed by patriotism, by family, by affection.
  • The physical organisation is created to execute the vital power.
  • Such vital power of courage, patriotism, education, affection, etc. issues out of mental beliefs, not a single one, but several such beliefs all of which organise themselves into a system.
  • Behind the courage of men in the army is the belief that the country must be defended by the youth so that life can go on.
  • The new generation that is growing must take care of the older generation as they become decrepit is a belief behind the vital power of attachment.
  • We do believe that men who cannot work to produce their own sustenance are not to die of starvation like animals.
  • Another mental insistence is man is more than an animal and the difference must be brought out in the living.
  • To cull out all the beliefs of the mind and the ways in which they interact to create an organisation of mind is possible.
  • It is evident that physical organisation is sustained by a vital organisation and it is in turn created by a mental organisation.
  • Physical work, mental exertion, and vital energies are sustained by values. All values are spiritual skills.
  • All these values go to form the Spiritual organisation.
  • The quality of a product, the orderliness of school children, the loyalty of members to the family, the integrity of officers are such values. They are spiritual. One can say these values issue out of work, or these values create those works to express themselves. Either way, the values are there and are functioning as the spiritual organisation behind them.
  • These spiritual values primarily make this work effective, almost passively, with the direction of the work chosen by them. The values are the Purusha of the works that are Prakriti.
  • Above them is the Supramental Organisation that carries within it its own determinism. This too is the Purusha, but not the one that silently endorses the choices made by the work, but the Purusha that makes those choices.
  • Children play choosing their games and the movements they involve. Parents watch them and allow them to do what they want up to a certain point The moment the child crosses a line, its movements are pulled up and put into order. The first is linked to the witness Purusha and the latter to the supramental determinism of the Ishwara. We find such freedom in all fields and such limitations.
  • Tradition has limited itself to mind; Sri Aurobindo has crossed into the domain of the Supermind.
  • Life is of the Becoming, the spiritual organisation is the Being and the supramental organisation is the Being of the Becoming.
  • The physical, vital, mental organisations belong to the Becoming, the spiritual organisation to the domain of the Being and the supramental organisation belongs to the area of the Being of the Becoming.
  • There are times when all the known rules and habits are belied and they are the moments when the organisation of the Supermind acts from behind.
  • Force detaches itself from consciousness to become what we know as consciousness-force. This is organised in the causal plane as a subtle organisation. And that force is there all over the universe. Sri Aurobindo calls it the Force and Organisation of the Mother whose physical embodiment was there with us till 1973 and is now actively present in the subtle plane awaiting our call. To all devotees this is readily available, but it is available to all those who call.
  • She acts on Her own even without being called to uphold Her own priorities.
  • The Mother acts in three ways.

1. Her most powerful action lies outside the domain of the known organisations including the spiritual.

2. People who are now governed by any of these organisations find their potencies inadequate when they call Mother, SHE acts through these organisations evoking powers of these organisations that are rarely used.

3. Where people are unconscious but are intensely good, SHE acts from behind these organisations by a pressure on them, when they act on occasions when they would not normally act. We say it is a miracle.

  • If events where unexpected results are obtained are studied, these phenomena can be traced and HER Presence revealed.
  • All the unbelievable discoveries of our times, or at any time, have behind them this Presence of Hers actively working.
  • The sensation of our bodies that thrills at the perception of such a Presence is known as the gratitude of the soul.
  • Man can have aims before him in a range. At the highest it is to reach Her, become The Mother. At the lowest it is to let Her act on his life and activities by the instrumentation of the other organisations.
  • To tune our physical organisations by orderliness, vital organisations by attitudes, mental organisation by the other man's point of view is to let Her act on our lives.
  • Our spiritual organisations rise to Her when they travel through the range of the spiritual mind and upgrade the process of understanding into one of intuition.
  • She is outside us. She is also inside us. She also exists in the plane where the outside and inside are one. We can find Her anywhere.
  • Discovered outside, life becomes infinite; discovered inside, yoga begins. In both places, one becomes The Mother by identification.

Action Plan on the Floor of a Workspot

  • One who understands the foregoing explanation will be able to translate it into result by the organisation of his personality i.e. each will get what he deserves.
  • The work itself permits raising one's level of personality.
  • This is done by conceptualising the foregoing and if possible by perceiving it or sensing it.
  • Perception at our own level in any of the functions gives us the penetration to conceive the TRUTH of the foregoing which is functioning as the Being of the Becoming.
  • Even one function can do it. Let us attempt perfection in all the 63 functions. That gives the full insight and all the needed penetration.
  • Now, concept formation can be at its best a process of creation and at bottom writing down the Theory of each of those 63 functions.
  • So much will unleash all the energies needed for all the conceivable progress one's heart desires. That will take care of our first goal, take us to the second and lead us to the final one.
  • Perception is emotional comprehension.
  • To perceive this TRUTH the theory of 63 definitions can be taken up and emotionalised one by one. By this, I mean to begin with to evince full interest and in the end to feel it as an emotional reality.
  • Sensation is the body understanding the theory of the work with JOY and thrilling to it in response.
  • Mother calls such a sensation GRATITUDE.
  • Let us take our general sense of gratitude to Mother and compress the emotion into one act of payment in the light of its own theory defined by us.
  • Sensing, grateful to it, is the beginning which permits it to be spread over all the 63 functions.
  • Completing it is the beginning of devotion in work.

story | by Dr. Radut