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History of Knowledge and Goodwill

  • When the physical (body) understands, it acts as once
  • Supramental knowledge is what Sri Aurobindo knows & his devotees have heard of ,not the outside world
  • The whole of humanity will at once receive the supramental transformation if only their physical consciousness knows.
  • Car & Phone were there for 100 years or more. Man has not aspired for them before
  • Now the aspiration is there, because it is within his reach. Technology & prosperity make it possible.
  • What is the process of a new knowledge that spreads fully.

  • Man at first hears of it, then knows of the discovery, sees it at high social levels. All these are mental. He does not even think of aspiring for it. When he aspires for it it touches the vital. Rising expectation is the process of mental knowledge becoming vital knowledge.
  • It touches his vital when his compeers use it, not till then.
  • He thinks of using it when he gets the RIGHT & when he experiences it in some fashion.
  • The experience reveals the process of power as when he votes by right & sees his friends getting elected he too aspires for it.
  • It should come into his field, he must get the right, must see the experience of his equals & then he can aspire for it, when he has the means. If not, he seeks the means.
  • The process then is knowing, feeling, experiencing i.e. the new discovery should move from the mind to the body.

  • Presently a scientist discovers phone, an industrialists commercialises it and spreading commerce takes it to people who when they experience its use desire to process it.
  • Can we apply luck--creation of infinite money --to this process?
  • The knowledge of luck has been discovered by Sri Aurobindo. Suppose several people benefit from it then it can spread.
  • Information is data processed. Knowledge can be used, not information. Information too can be used by an advanced community. If luck should spread, it must be offered to people as data, or information or knowledge or idea that the present population can use.
  • People are not equipped enough to experiment. They can use the results of others' experiments.
  • So, some people should come forward to experiment first.
  • In the meantime, we can try to break down the knowledge into usable information.
  • Self-multiplying good will of the individual can touch the Original goodwill of the society now being distributed by internet and let that social abundance pass into their individual lives.
  • This is an IDEA or knowledge the present society cannot handle.
  • They need it to be broken down as information - such as use this flower to draw luck - that is within their reach.
  • The ONLY information we now can give is "prayer to Mother."
  • Such an information has been given successfully to Tamilnadu, but it is not enough.
  • Next we must ask people to generate goodwill.
  • For that we need to show that goodwill is connected to luck.
  • Goodwill will be self-satisfying. We can speak of it now. Once they see money coming from goodwill, they may see the inner spiritual peace, not until then.
  • To do, people can respect only success.
  • Success is for money and power.
  • Money and power are instruments of EGO as well as Goodwill.
  • More money will come for Good will than for Ego.
  • This is the point that can be passed on as information or idea.
  • When people see that, they have to choose between ego and goodwill.
  • So, the slogan is, Good will brings more money.
  • Man has to exercise his choice between Ego and Goodwill.

1.      Goodwill is better than ego.

2.       Choose goodwill.


  • Practise GOOD WILL through self-giving and see the results.
  • Do it with those around you and then extend it gradually.
  • Goodwill cannot go hand in hand with a fear or caution that 'others' outside our circle should not benefit by it. Then it cannot be goodwill.
  • To practise good will, one must be a good, honest, industrious human being. That is the minimum. This is not for those who are below the minimum.
  • The immediate experiment is,

"Great good will to all those around me readily, happily"

This doubles the income.

story | by Dr. Radut