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097. Hurricane

We in India know of cyclones which occasionally touch the highest speed of 120 m.p.h. or even 150 m.p.h. We have no experience of the hurricane that rises to speeds of 300 m.p.h., or more. Several parts of USA are prone to hurricanes. They are so powerful, though lasting only two or three minutes, that cars fly in the air and railway carriages are pushed off the railroad tracks to 100 or 200 yards away. Sometimes they are lifted into the air. 

An Indian professor on a short lecture visit to USA stayed one night with a friend and kept the photo of The Divine Mother on the table and prayed. Next day he went to another place. Seeing his friend's place had just been hit by a hurricane, he called on the phone and was relieved to know he had been spared.

As soon as the lecture was over, he rushed back to his friend's place. The sight that greeted him at that colony sent his blood curdling. Simultaneously he thrilled with gratitude to Mother on sparing his friend in the midst of the natural horror.

Of the 60 or 70 houses there, none was undamaged. The ruin was total. Electric posts were twisted in a knot and no tree in the place had survived the fury of the Vayubhaghavan. But at his friend's house, both stories were intact, and his car too was unspoiled except for a broken wind shield. The one tree in the front of the house stood its ground losing only one branch. The professor was awestruck and had no answer to his friend's query "How was I saved?" except  that "The Mother's photo was here for one night." Not only could he not answer his friend, but he had never known the Divine Mother's strength of protection could be that total.


story | by Dr. Radut