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Immortality of Copernicus


September 14, 2005

All great scientists attain fame during their time or after. But Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein have become immortal in the mind of humanity, because

  • Copernicus moved away from the senses to mind;
  • Einstein revolutionised the conception of Time and Space;
  • Newton discovered an invisible Force.

   After the story of the creation of the world in seven days which is a legend, mankind has not applied its MIND to the act of creation. As against this "theory", a theory of an intelligent creator has come to be a recognised one in the academia. Such a theory when it comes to be fashioned, even before it is accorded general consent, needs to answer a few points.

1) Who the creator is.

2) What was His motive, if any?

3) By what Process did HE create the world?

4) The position of evil in creation.

In the process of these explanations, the emerging THEORY should meet the deep-seated questions of

  1. Chance created the world;

  2. There is an iron necessity that rules the universe;

  3. We have no right to question God on what HE does.

Sri Aurobindo has offered a Third View which adequately answers all these issues. When the world comes to recognise that, HE will be enshrined in the existence of the universe. What about he who presents that view to the world. The very fact of his being an instrument to this service is enough to make him IMMORTAL.

story | by Dr. Radut