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Importance of Shifting to the Spirit


September 29, 2003

  • Mind understands; heart feels.
  • The understanding Mind cannot achieve.
  • The heart that feels can achieve when it moves into action.
  • Intellectuality is of the Mind. It never achieves; it is a bar to achievement. Mind and the being through the Mind is satisfied because it understands too well. There is no more energy left to achieve.
  • The scientist understands; the businessman whose heart sees the commercial potential goes into action and achieves.
  • The body's understanding is practical, not intellectual or emotional. It does not move as long as its understanding is incomplete, even 99%. Once its understanding is complete, it cannot wait. It goes into action as business imitation.
  • Consecration is of the Spirit. As long as the consecration is an idea, it remains a conviction. It does not go into action. It goes into successful action when consecration is an emotion. When consecration goes into bodily action, it becomes yoga.
  • The topic here is to move consecration from the mind to the heart and see the various intensities at the level of emotions.
  • Mentally developed people remain in the mind and do not go to the emotions. When the mind is not developed, the vital emotions - the nervous emotions - easily move and consecration readily gives results. Consecration is on the surface, while it is an idea. It is a vital emotion when it readily gives results. The emotion of the heart is a richer faculty than the vital nervous emotion. I consider here only the emotion of the heart. Beyond it lies the psychic emotion which is behind the heart, which is the yogic faculty and most powerful. Gong down to the body, even the psychic matures into the Supramental Being.
  • Here I confine myself ONLY to the zone of emotions. Emotions are there in the emotional center, the heart center. There the heart has four intensities. The emotion can be an idea, it can be a Pure Emotion, it may move down to the body, and finally, it can move to the Psychic behind the heart.
  • Man lives by his thoughts. He is a mental man. Below him lies the man who is in the nerves - the thoughtless man. Emotions are pure at a higher level than the vital. Thoughts subdivide. They are running thoughts on the surface. Strong thoughts are down below. One knows when the thought ceases and becomes an emotion.
  • For one who desires to invoke the Spirit in a work, say the registration of a journal, in the beginning it is a mere thought and refuses to become an emotion. Even at the level of thought, when one is able to consecrate each time without fail as it arises, the work moves. It takes a few days. To complete any work it is enough to repeat the consecration of thought non-stop. For one who wants to move to the Spirit, it is important that any work is done by consecration rather than merely accomplishing it.
  • When the work is a mere idea, especially a constantly recurring idea as a running thought, consecration is a tension generating labour. But work is complete when one can do so without failing even once. Next, thought is a conviction and lies deep. When trying to consecrate a conviction, the conviction or deep belief does not budge. It is a fruitless labour.
  • One can catch a thought when it enters the mind. At that time, it is subtle thought. It is difficult to catch a subtle thought. Catching a subtle thought leads to a more powerful consecration.
  • Next, thought disappears. Emotions rise. They are intangible. Consecration of the emotion of an Idea instantaneously gives the results.
  • He who can move to the emotion of an idea and is able to consecrate it invokes the Spirit effectively. His work is at once fulfilled.
  • One must move to this position gradually. Beyond this - moving to the body or behind to the psychic emotion - is the zone of yoga. One is welcome to this. But my articles do not enter the zone of yoga. They stop at making life rich, abundant, opulent, and LUCKY by invoking the Spirit into the activities of daily life. There are various levels which can be clear only when we start doing it.

story | by Dr. Radut