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Importance of the Spirit


Dec. 9. 2003

   All that we call civilisation is the achievement of Man, i.e. the Mind of Man.  If mental civilisation is the wonder we witness, how much more wonderful will be the results of shifting to the Spirit. In this manner our civilised life will become spiritualised. It will be a splendour. A spiritual life will be as different from our life as our life is different from primitive life.

  • A life lived in Spirit will know no problems.
  • It will be a life that constantly offers you unconceivable opportunities.
  • It is a life where Grace constantly acts. Now it is our Mind or it is our ego that constantly acts.

Values are spiritual skills. Implementation of values help us attract and express the spirit in our work, even when our thought is on work and not on the Spiritual source of all energy and accomplishment. Three years ago we spoke about the power of cleanliness, orderliness, speed, punctuality, soft speech and other values. They have the power of invoking a spiritual atmosphere in work.

Among spiritual values, harmony is one of the most powerful. Today we have heard many of you describing the improvements brought about in the company through better communication, cooperation and coordination. These are all preliminary stages in the achievement of harmony. Communication is effective exchange of ideas. Cooperation is a willing, positive attitude between two or more people. Coordination is to dovetail all the different plans and activities of an organization so that they are mutually supportive. In this manner each supports the other. Harmony is something more than this. Communication is at the level of thought. Cooperation is at the level of attitude. Coordination is at the level of action. Harmony is at a deeper level which is spiritual. It combines all these levels into a single harmonious performance like the notes played by the various instruments in an orchestra. It is achieved when we decide to unite and cooperate positively in our expressed, as well as our unexpressed thoughts, aspirations, feelings, actions toward a common ideal. Harmony requires faith, truthfulness and goodwill towards everyone else. Harmony has the power to elevate any organization five or ten fold or more. Now that so much has been achieved at Express to bring all its people and its functions into closer coordination, harmony is the value that can reap maximum results for the company.

The power of spirit can express in our personal lives as well. We are all householders, office going people. We can discover the splendour of the spirit in our homes and families too. There are places where many people gather every day and invoke the Spirit. Such a place has a charged spiritual atmosphere. Many others come there to pray. No one who prays in such a place goes home without his prayer answered. God or spirit is there if in a place all prayers are answered. It is an indication of the Presence of Spirit. More serious people do not need such a centre. They develop such a centre in themselves, in their hearts. To them no prayer is necessary. All that they need to pray for comes to them without their praying. It is an unfailing power. It knows no failure. Should a man take to the Spirit and make it a point to submit each work of his or at least every important work, he will see that all of them are successful.

   It may sound like a tall claim. If so, I suggest an experiment. One can choose an important work of his, a long pending work and submit it to the Spirit. He will see the results. It is enough he believes the results that he has produced. Important admissions are there, impending weddings may be there, office inspection may be facing you, your son may have to be selected in an American university. Choose a self-contained small work in size that can be done in less than a month, preferably a week, but it should be a significant work. By submitting it to the Spirit, it does not mean prayer, though prayer is not unwelcome. We know how we actively think about serious issues. Also we know when we act without thinking. Spirit is calm, QUIET, peaceful, silent, expansive, joyful, etc. We know no such moment. Call the Spirit to the surface when you concentrate. After a little practice, you will suddenly feel the Spirit has emerged as Light or a feeling of sweetness or expansive joy. It may suddenly disappear. When we turn to work or speak to someone, the feeling of elevation will vanish. By a serious practice, one needs to bring that Spirit to the surface. At least in the chosen work, one needs to have that spiritual atmosphere. I would want you to do this work THROUGH the Spirit. That is right. It is the rule. It is the spiritual requirement. It needs long practice, a persevering patience, a certain spiritual endowment too. Just now an abiding spiritual atmosphere FOR THIS WORK is enough.

   When you come to a point of keeping that spiritual atmosphere in the chosen work, you are eligible to conduct this experiment. Celebrate the marriage, see your son off at the airport, secure a bank loan, complete the office inspection, etc. and then we can evaluate. Such a spiritual atmosphere will not enter or abide by us when the normal human deficiencies show themselves - anger, irritation, assertion, etc. In simple terms, when a good efficient man calmly goes about an important work invoking the Spirit - Mother -- constantly, the experiment meets its criteria. In all cases, the results will be phenomenal but only in a few cases can it be measured. On getting married, if you discover your husband is an exceedingly good man, it can be felt, not measured. But if he gets a job on 27,000 rupees while his present salary is 7000/-, it is measurable. Measurable or not, the phenomenal results will be there. It cannot be less than ten fold than what you aimed at. If you fail, which is impossible, it will be double.

   In your own centre or department, conduct the experiment meticulously. The ten fold or even hundred-fold results will come. If one full-page ad is substantial, a hundred pages ad will come to you unasked. If a thousand fresh subscribers are great, you will get 15,000 subscribers.

A one time result is good, welcome, but it is not all. Can we make it permanent? Yes. For that, one should disregard the result or make it secondary and go about knowing the inner process in you that brought this about. Recollect every shade of thought, feeling, sensation, conversation, act and SEE what in them brought about this result. If you know them, you know the process of bringing about this vast result each time. Imagine that in a given period everyone attempts this successfully at his desk or workspot or department, what the results will be for the company during that period. It is a one time result, a very great result. It cannot be sustained on the strength of our short intense preparation. Once we see it, it is only a question of time for us to prepare for a sustained, vast, permanent result. Some salient features of this process are:

  • We grow by giving, not by taking.
  • By voluntarily giving up our rights and privileges, we find that unseen invisible privileges will flow in.
  • The experiment can be made on the salary where it is measurable, if one's work has been made perfect in all aspects.
  • This is an unfailing force. In exceptional cases it can fail to produce materially visible results. In that case similar or greater results will show in other areas of your life.
  • He who does it regularly will find every organisation he is long connected with - office, bank, grocer, laundry, dentist, etc. - also expands for unknown reasons.
  • Those who read ten pages an hour will find themselves reading twenty or eighty pages an hour if the experiment is done in reading.
  • As the rain that falls after harvest is not lost at all - it goes underground or feeds the trees, etc. - so this experiment can never fail to produce results directly or indirectly.

story | by Dr. Radut