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054. The Inflow of Money Increases with the Outflow

This is direct contradiction of the universal belief that more money accumulates when less money is spent. Still it is a practical truth practised by those who have amassed wealth. It is also a fully valid spiritual truth.

I would like to say that this is almost a mechanical law. If water passes through a tube or a canal, what do we do when we want the inflow to increase: we increase the outflow. It is a phenomenon of Physics. Mother baffled every hearer when She spoke like this. And everyone experimented with the idea and found it to be true, but happily returned to their old habit. The ancient Tamil treatise Nanool says the reader matures in his comprehension when he gives his knowledge to several others.

That music, art, language, etc. can grow in their capacities in a person with practice has this principle behind it.

In our management clients, we often raised this issue and as long as the client practised it, the inflow continued to increase dramatically. I speak of more generous spending, which is the physical part of it. The willingness with which it is spent and the deeper understanding of this principle will decide the quantum of increased in-flow. Spending does not mean the spending of a spendthrift. Either at home or in your business, you may be postponing payment where the pressure is less and making it where the pressure is great.

Try for a three month period the rule of right priority, whether it is suppliers or wages. If you decide to act thus, take the trouble to understand why it occurs. Let your act rest on right comprehension. There is a further step of acting on spiritual faith that transcends this understanding. We can go one further step and convert that spiritual faith into spiritually clarified knowledge of the mind.


story | by Dr. Radut