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085. Inner Fullness

We know satisfaction that is the opposite of frustration, and happiness the opposite of sorrow. Satisfaction comes out of reaching what we aim at. Happiness is given by success. All these are positive, negative emotions of life, actually lower life from the point of view of the Spirit. Spirit, when it emerges, gives a FULLNESS. It is an inner fullness. When that inner fullness emerges, we find mind is incapable of thought, vital life is incapable of sorrow or worry. Just around us there is no failure to be witnessed. The successes we see give Joy, not happiness. JOY is a richer vital fullness, before which happiness pales into insignificance.

The human being is called an embodied being of the Spirit. Spirit is the one Reality. It is Infinite and Eternal. It existed in the beginning. The Truth we worship as God or more than God is preceded by the Spirit. In philosophic language, Truth is the objective state of Spirit which is subjective. In ordinary language, Spirit comes into our life as Truth. So Truth is Spirit to us, Truth is our God.

This Spirit wanting to be born on earth took a body which we call as embodied being. It acquired a mind and vital. We call the body into which the Spirit came our body. It is true our body too is Spirit but it has other parts also, viz. life and mind. On top of them spirit, too - Atma - is another part of the embodied being.

All the parts of our being - spirit, mind, life and body - are really of the Spirit because the whole world is made up by the Spirit. It is the beginning, it is the end and the middle. But that Spirit has the appearance of mind, life and body. When we say the Spirit emerges in us, it means the Original Spirit rises to the surface of the body, mind and life. Therefore the FULLNESS. When the fullness is inner, life is full of prosperity. When it is outer, Life becomes YOGA.

story | by Dr. Radut