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International Criminal Court


Jan. 27, 2006

  • The United Nations which is variously described as a talk shop, a forum where States let off steam, an organisation devoid of teeth, is known to be a glorious failure, an undemocratic body serving the cause of democracy.
  • Her subsidiary organs have done yeoman service in health, weather, food, education and development. It was mainly done by founding international organisations and introducing standards and scales everywhere.
  • A society develops by becoming CONSCIOUS of her potentials. The natural resources are the visible potentials. But a greater potential lies in her capacity to generate social power. As a society grows dynamic, such social powers issuing out of transactions of interrelations grow. Communications, language, money, education, transport are great examples. A time comes when such conscious awareness of the social forces that gather lend themselves to organisation. The greatest such organisation is the national government. Now the area of social power and organisation has shifted mainly since the League of Nations to international organisations. The International Court of Justice at The Hague and ILO at Geneva are two such great surviving organisations. Some facts of development need to be taken note of.

- Society releases energy by her unfettered collective action; the greater the social freedom, the greater is the social energy.

- It increases in direct proportion to Social Aspiration.

- At a time when a society WILLS to achieve something -- as France at her moment of Revolution or Britain in 1688 -- the social energy gets a direction rendering it into social force. Such force is effective by its brute expression.

- It becomes socially usable power only when it is organised into social power. It is done by the social mind. Social energy and social force are vital. When the society develops a Mind, it evinces a capacity to organise the Force into Power. It is a theoretical truism that force organised into POWER rises in effectivity a million-fold, in fact, infinitely. The nearest example is the learning energies of a child being put through the organisation of the school. The difference between the illiterate and the graduate is the difference between unorganised force and organised power. UN exhibiting capacities to found WHO, FAO, Unesco, UNDP, World Bank, etc. is the expression of the global community developing a MIND of its own at the peripheral level. It is unable to be done at the central level of politics.

  • - Hence the concept of ICC is a Mindmark of the global civilisation developing thinking capacity.
  • Had the Food Corporation been conceived as a government department, the Green Revolution would have never seen the light of day.
  • Any new organisation surfacing in a new era is fashioned on the old principles. The UN itself was so fashioned in 1945 and remains hamstrung to this day. Imagine the UN being constituted in 1945 with the possibilities of public opinion that exist today.
  • The software companies that come into being today in India clearly avoid the pitfalls of the organisations of the 40s.

story | by Dr. Radut