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Introduction to Technology


Using the efficiency of a tool as its effectivity rises is called technology. A tool is the extended arm of man. What the mind cannot teach the hand, it makes the tool perform. A lever is a simple tool like a pulley. They lift great weights by a small power. The missing power is drawn from the subtle plane.

  • Technology is the material form of a mental thought.
  • Technology connects us to the subtle plane even as education connects the individual mind to the universal mind.
  • Technique is organisation in matter.
  • Its efficiency is raised by

1) Altering the organisational design.

2) Raising the efficiency of the fuel wherever there is one.

3) The dexterous handling of the machine.

4) The perfect fitness of the parts, called seating, can vastly raise its performance.

5) Great changes in efficiency can be seen by the right use of lubricants.

6) Adhering to the conditions of running given by the manufacturer.

7) The technological infrastructure of the work spot,

8) The psychological infrastructure of the company.

9) The harmony between the technological and the psychological infrastructure.

10) The extreme cleanliness of the machine.

11) Attention to the machine, treating it as a live object.

Transfer of a technology to another country or climate where it has not been evolved is impossible. Before it is done, a technological culture must be created at the receiving end by asking them to go through the various stages of that technology's development. In transfers of technology, the first requirement is to create facilities for operation and maintenance. The minds of the owner, engineers, and workmen are to be trained in this techno-culture apart from the technical training they are given. Any new technology or a new improvement in technology will be fully resented and resisted is a rule of technological development, unless it is one locally developed by the innovative talents of people. It is superstition that men working in machines are better than those educated in colleges. What makes technology a success is the worship of machines as children.

story | by Dr. Radut