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Invisible Silver Lining - Nuclear Disarmament


Nov. 22, 2006

    Life is always  moving ahead, never backwards. What has been achieved organises itself to create stability. Even that has been originally achieved only by Man focussing on the forward movement. In the view of Man, the past that is organised stability looms large but there is always a silver lining.  The silver lining represents the forward movement, the organised stability affirms the past, denying the present as well as the future. When issues crop up to be solved, the Mind is fully occupied by what looms large and the silver lining becomes invisible. In 1910, when Indian freedom was won in the subtle plane, how many could have seen the silver lining?  In fact, no one saw it. During the trial of the Alipore case, who could have seen or foreseen the acquittal? To see the silver lining is one thing and to devise a strategy to achieve it is another thing. The recent elections to the Parliament, Austerlitz, the New Deal, England in World War II, Stalin refusing the Marshall Plan, the Chinese going back from India, Nixon opening the Chinese market, demise of the Cold War are some of the innumerable examples. In every day life you can see two men handling the same situation in opposite ways, securing opposite results. In all creative personalities, this capacity can be seen. What Iacocca did in Chrysler was an isolated event. Money back guarantee of Sears institutionalised it for trade. The latest wonder is the Paper Clip.

   In an expansive period as now for the Internet, the locating of the silver lining gives vast continuous results readily. In hard times one has to fight one's way. After 1956, almost every fight has become less arduous because of the Presence of the Force.  The Nuclear Issue as we are handling is a subtle residue in the substance of the world's Life of the Cold War as well as the hot war. Cold war was a similar dark vital residue precipitated by World War II. No amount of diplomacy that is a lifeless movement on the surface can handle it effectively. But the nuclear issue is not only a vital darkness but a physical manifestation in warheads. Nuclear diplomacy is mainly used now to maintain economic hegemony. Hence the economic pressure. The character of a power is determined not by what it is intrinsically but by the atmosphere in which it acts, as we saw in the case of population. In Ireland we saw the age-old tyranny acted as an instrument for excessive prosperity. There Nature was addressing a deeper problem according to the density of ignorance in the people. In Kashmir, I believe, the Force has made it into a problem to ultimately unite India and Pakistan. That is how Nature acts when Man fails. Man is unconscious, blind, casual, and allows easy problems to be unsolved. Nature forges ahead using his unconsciousness to solve a wider problem later. The Nuclear Issue is well within our reach. The work of so many other organisations has a momentum, enough substance to solve it, if only the sponsors open their eyes and see the silver lining. We have always found men looking at a positive even negatively. Stalin never believed Hitler would attack Russia even when news from the front came of the attack for two days. Churchill admired Mussolini. T.S. Eliot, Lloyd George, Y.B.Yeats admired Hitler. These errors occur when the wider view is missed.

   I see the deal between USA and India is an opportunity the USA has created to tilt the balance putting India in a position to lead the nuclear movement. Haven't we seen the pressure the USA has given to prevent the proliferation of the bomb directly led to the opposite result? I would go further to say that if put before India, the possibility of abolishing the nuclear arms, India will be able to achieve the result, and there is the likelihood of Pakistan joining us along the line. Maybe it will lead to the dissolution of Pakistan allowing India to emerge as one nation as before 1947. It all depends upon the VIEW. At every moment the occasion arises. A strategy is to be fashioned at every hour. Start where you are working, forge ahead, the strategy will become a way of life and will be able to solve problems. Ultimately any problem will present itself as an opportunity.

story | by Dr. Radut