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 November 5, 2004

The first approach I wish to illustrate here is conflicts of several types - religious, ethnic, military, political etc - can be resolved economically. What happened in Ireland is an illustration of this principle. Going further I would like to state that

                        Conflict resolution is eminently possible if the forces and powers of a

                         plane one level higher are released:-

  • Church attendance decreased to 65 and 45% from the world record of 95% in Ireland.
  •  An Irishman who offers to meet somebody will turn up in a week. Now punctuality is being valued.
  • Prosperity - development - is in proportion to the number of values we accept.
  • Religion is now a fetter on man's progress. The more rigid a religion is the more retrograde it is. Ireland's religious passion and its poverty go together.
  • All that happened in Ireland is now in print. The theory should explain

- How it happened?

- why it happened?

- Why it happened now and not 50 years ago?

- Why it happened through I.T?

- Can we stimulate such a growth in other countries?

1. It happened because Ireland gave up its claim on Northeren Ireland.

2. It happened through another evolutionary instrument - I.T.

3. When the force arises in one place it moves to another place.

4. It did not happen 50 years ago as the Irish had not outlived the need for the experience that they underwent.

5. Progress comes by the social awakening of the collective and the individual. So far it has not occurred. Man was enjoying the intensity of religious hatred. That absorbed his energies.

Property value in Dublin equals that of London - Property value is an index of Prosperity. Abundance of property must make its cost cheap.

- Cheapness of phone call is an index of prosperity.

- How does the theory reconcile both?

- As prosperity rises one set of things rises in value and the other set sinks in value.

  • U.S spends $ 6000 per head on health, India Rs.60/=

This too indicates level of prosperity.

In a healthy community medical expenses will come down

So the symptom has an ascent and a descent.

Growth is in the ascent and development is in the descent.

  • Ireland's population is 4 million. 70 million Irish are abroad.

           - emigration is out of poverty.

          - emigration can be for trade, conquest or even in search of culture.

           -emigration is mental. Man's action gives the character to it.

           - Population is neutral. Its capacity gives the character to its presence.

  • Irish are returning to Ireland.

     - they come in search of jobs, not for self-employment

     - self-employment creates jobs

     - man's initiative is entreprenuership

      - man becomes an entrepreuner when he realises his value - awakening

      - it often comes out of helplessness i.e when he is unemployed.

      - the route remaining the same the goal can be the opposite

  • Low taxes attract foreign investment

- low wages attract foreign investment    

 - low wage is because of poverty.   

 - low taxes can be either out of poverty or wealth                  

- foreign investment comes to a rich country or a poor country.

  - the same symptom can indicate the opposite

  • In no time at all Ireland drove straight from the argiculture revolution to the information revolution it illustrates that no backward country need to take as much time as an   advanced country to develop   changing consciousness can abridge time and even eliminate it.
  • " I have to take a mental effort to remember Dublin of 1950 - horses, no cars, children with barefeet, no television, slums no bathrooms - a really impoverished country" says a historian.

- Prosperity does not depend on govt, on aid on capital on time or technology but on the decision of the people to achieve.

- Million people died in the potato famine in the 19th century. Ireland never recovered from it.

- Does Ireland move because the world has moved or because she has outlived the need for poverty, low consciousness and superstition?

story | by Dr. Radut