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100. Law and Justice

For the past hundred years or more, the courts of justice have been rendering legal justice to the public. Since its advent, the public, who was at the disposal of the local council of elders, now enjoys legal justice. It is a great boon. Legal justice is based upon evidence presented to the court. Whether one's claim is just or not, the court is helpless if the required evidence is not brought to its notice. Hence, justice suffers an abridgement. It becomes legal justice, meaning as much justice as law can offer within the limitations.

In the wider social dispensation, one who is fully just and right stands justice denied for a host of inevitable reasons, justifiable or not.  Can he now receive FULL justice in the forum of a higher court, the court of the Spirit? He can if he comes forward to invoke the Spirit or call The Mother into the consciousness of his claim.

He might have lost for want of evidence, want of right legal presentation, want of attention from the presiding officer or due to the play of modern social, political, financial forces that have come to stay. The only question relevant here is, is his cause JUST? If so, would he invoke this higher force? He is sure to win even if the highest court has denied him fair play.

One who had a claim to a third of a substantial property having no document whatsoever -- even a scratch on any paper - lost at the hands of the court. After extending all their sympathy, they denied him his due. The invocation of the Spirit got him the full property in a matter of 12 to 15 minutes which took another 6 months to be formalised. Law may desert, lawyer's resources may be inadequate, Life may be partial, Nature too maybe unhelpful or even hostile, but as long as Truth and Justice are there on your side, the full rich Blessings of the Divine Mother are there for sure.

story | by Dr. Radut