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032. Life Response – I

Thieves trying to force the bank vaults set the alarm signals going. It is a mechanical protection the bank has installed. When a bully bothers a timid colleague, others instantaneously rush to his help. It is a response of social goodwill and culture. Lord Krishna coming to the outraged Draupadi is the Divine Response to the call of the soul.

An American businessman who promised an Indian fertilizer company a 70 crore loan from a bank, met the Bank of America officers in 1972. In those times, these were novel ideas but he was determined to call at as many banks as necessary. Bank of America said that only 2 days earlier they had opened their South-East Asian fertilizer division!

In pursuit of an important work, we want to meet a friend whom we have not met for a few years. On leaving our house, in a pleasant surprise, he enters our house. Life is full of such strange events. Literature too is teeming with such incidents. History has the same character. I call this phenomenon of ready help coming in an inconceivable fashion 'Life Response'. "Thank God, you have come," we exclaim. We also feel we are in luck. We are right.

But this is not the caprice of Life. There is a law behind such occurrences. Some half a dozen such events described in detail and the laws underlying explained will make it clear that such a phenomena follow their own rules. One who knows such rules will always discern how such events come to pass. There is more.

Should one not submit to life, but rise above the social average and evoke the Spirit, he can make Life Respond. Life Response is a known phenomenon, not the capacity to evoke a Life Response. Still it is not totally unknown in life. Extraordinarily courageous people say, "Well, I have never been let down". Optimistic persons, when their hopeless project comes round, say, "I know it will come round." It can come round to anyone who relies on the Spirit.

story | by Dr. Radut