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033. Life Response – II

As material things on earth are held in equilibrium by gravitation, events, persons, and movements are held in equilibrium in life by the emotions of people. In India there is a perception of this truth, but people impute MORAL motives to life and see it when justice is done to them. Well, this is only a partial truth. Life is amoral.

We often see a dishonest person succeeding and attribute his success to money power or social influence, all of which are true, but again it is only a partial truth. The complete Truth of this phenomenon is the emotional equilibrium in Life. Philosophically, one can say it is the equilibrium of energy in life.

Eight tons of imported machinery was to be unloaded at a small port where the maximum capacity of the cranes was four tons. The owners of the machine decided to employ two cranes of four ton capacity. The machinery was hoisted halfway through the air and then the cranes failed. The owners standing on the pier watched their property sink down before their eyes. They all cried out from the very depths of their beings, calling the God they worshipped. There was a huge noise. The cranes seemed to crash violently. But again they started to work and lowered the machinery onto the pier! For decades the owners recited this story to hundreds of people. The captain of the ship who witnessed the miraculous event asked in surprise what happened. He was told their prayers had been answered.

It was not wise for them to have tried unconventional methods to unload expensive machinery. Their deeply felt, intense emotions neutralised the unwisdom of the decision. When the equilibrium of emotions or energies was restored, Life acted fulfilling one rule of Life Response. The rules to which Life responds are as many as there are ways of life

story | by Dr. Radut