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035. Life Response - IV

In an American university of several thousand boys and girls, there was a handsome rich engineering student who was a favourite of many beautiful girls. But his mind was set on another girl who excelled many other beauties in her looks. Scores of candidates were after her. This engineering student was one of them. The girl did not find it easy to make up her mind, as many of her lovers were above the ordinary in their personal endowments. Many times this boy ventured to make his mind clear to her. She was not averse to any one of those endless suitors, but found it difficult to decide.

He could not be in this uncertain state of nerves, which was painful. One day he returned home from his classes instead of trying to meet this girl. He was dejected. Who could get this girl for him? Was there such an earthly power or divine influence? Suddenly he became an ardent believer and addressed a warm deep prayer to God, "If it is true that there is a Divine Hand presiding over human destinies, certainly it is obligatory on that power to make this elusive beauty come to me."

Scarcely had he finished his prayer of love, when the phone rang. It was she. She called to accept his proposal. They got married.

  • Life responds by a beneficial, miraculous act when the equilibrium of emotions is restored.
  • Why should the act be beneficial?
  •  Why it should be miraculous?
  •  How does it act instantaneously?

These are questions of interest that can be explained through examples of life events. Life responds negatively too by the same rules. It may not be of help to those who wish to acquire this power. It will be very important for an impartial scholar.



story | by Dr. Radut