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Living Organisation 1


March 16, 2001

  • Existence exists from inert Matter to Pure Existence.
  • To consider the theme of living organisation at all these 8 levels will be comprehensive and fully pervasive.
  • We limit our discussion to the range of Matter to Mind with life in between perhaps extending it occasionally to that dubious attribute Spirit.
  • Our topic needs definitions of organisation and life and what renders an organisation live.
  • Such a discussion confined to the business organisation and its members will be of use to you in the speech. To take it at all 8 levels, in the gross, subtle, causal planes as it acts in every social determinant and its impact on the psychological determinant and to show how it translates into organisational energy will be of use for the book.
  • One becomes a scientist when he sees in ordinary acts what ordinary men do not see.
  • Basic concepts related to the topic are,

- Idea energising the will is life.

- Only ideas at the level of the will will energise it.

- The Will will remain unconcerned by other ideas however great they are.

- Will has a knowledge, a feeling and a sensation of its substance.

- It moves, releases energy not when it - Will - gets the knowledge or feels it but when it senses in the substance of itself - the substance of the will.

- We think of making the organisation live.

- It has two parts, one the live part of men and the other the ‘live' part of the structure of organisation.

- When men move, a great activity issues as in a short lived political campaign.

- When the structure of the organisation in its substance is enlivened, the structure becomes part of the social structure and presses for repeated organisation - E.G. celebration of Christmas or Deepavali.

- We give men new attitudes.

- We give the organisation new values in its physical substance such as cleanliness, fresh clothes, rich food, expensive presents. Imagine Christmas or Deepavali without presents of clothes. A political campaign or even a Darshan day passes off enthusiastically but a Deepavali is expected for the fresh clothes.

- The concepts, life, consciousness, structure, substance etc must be viewed in this overall context with a particular focus.

- In the new wave of prosperity, corruption is the evolutionary energy that enlivens but as it clashes with social values, there is no real appreciation of it.

- Should society devise an organisation in which the resent material benefits of corruption will be legally available to the administration either as material benefits or as social status, corruption will be eliminated without hamstringing its evolutionary impetus.

  • To effectively communicate this to any organisation at two possible levels 1) one need to make its members realise the vast benefits they will personally (selfishly) get by paying attention to the organisation 2) doing the same thing unselfishly and idealistically their own benefits will be infinite as their organisation will then be nationally pre-eminent. The choice between the two is our topic. Skills, values, rules, furniture, men etc have these two sides. We are free to relate to either side.
  • Look at nationally famous organisations and the benefits its members now enjoy from this point of bias, it will be clear.
  • A dozen live examples will be of help. We must have 200 anecdotes.
  • Forces or powers employed here are from the skill of the physical to the values of the spiritual in the gross, subtle, causal planes in the ascent and descent. It gives us a great variety. Skill, capacity, talent, ability of energy, force, power in the 4 planes of the being spread over the 3 planes in each.
  • Apart from skill etc attention, affection, love, understanding, pleasantness etc are forces that act.
  • Initially see in a living organisation the values are directed inward to the self and in expanding companies outward to the market.
  • Market forces are easily understood but money, technology, organisation are of equal importance.
  • To secure ONE example from each of these subdivisions must serve tomorrow's purpose.
  • As Chrysler reversed the inward outward, it can be shown at every step how that reversal is to be brought about.
  • Organisation is in life. Its parts are lively. One can make it dead or lively.
  • When we do a work faster than before, that work becomes livelier.
  • As speed can make a movement live, any aspect of work, if taken from the positive side, makes that link livelier.
  • A child is playing, not reading. Parents exercise authority and enforce discipline. It is not a live method. Kindness, raising curiosity will achieve the purpose through live method.
  • Make a map of the organisation structurally. Write down a list of forces acting. Classify according to physical, vital etc, gross, subtle, causal etc, look at them in the ascent and descent.


Skill, capacity etc,

Cooperation, coordination, interpersonal skill etc,

Information, opinion, idea etc.

Make an exhaustive map of the organisation. Consider Time, Space, strength, weakness, understanding etc. See how the present relationships at the linking points are. Change them from negative to positive. It will take off.

  • The 120 levels are conceived of as 10 levels under 12 heads. The heads can be extended to 15 or even 20. Here lies the key.
  • Take Speech - volume of words and volume of voice. Reduce the number of words from 500 to 20 to 25 by a great mental effort. Reduce the shouting accordingly. There will be great energy released.
  • Correspondence. It is difficult. Still can be tried. Let people see the correspondence of actions in different departments. It will be educative.
  • A great beginning can be made with positive attention, pleasant inner feeling, reducing time, very soft voice, exhaustive effort at coordination, cleanliness, orderliness, creating records and registration.
  • You may suggest members can try these at home. When they see the results they can come here for extension.
  • Punctuality at home in the very best sense of the word will change the house utterly.
  • Paying true attention to children and spouse will change the house into paradise. What objection can there be in turning the office too into another paradise?
  • The unspoken KEY is truthfulness.

story | by Dr. Radut