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Lost Speech


                                                                        April 2, 1993

   If only you have a grain of faith, yonder mountain will move here at your call, says the scripture of the Middle East. Faith is the knowledge of the soul reflected as understanding in the mind. There are moments when the mind has no knowledge to act upon or has a knowledge that this work will NOT be done. Even in those moments, sometimes, something from inside categorically says that this work WILL be done. This is not hope which is of the mind; this is FAITH. Seers call this faith as knowledge of the soul which can only reflect in the mind as understanding.

   A boy holding an MA degree was called for an interview. There he found 12 others waiting, among them were M.Phil holders and a Ph.D. holder. Surely the Principal was going to select for one post of a lecturer the Ph.D. holder. Even otherwise, he stood little chance over and above the M.Phil holders. As he had come after taking the blessings of his guru, deep down there was faith but the mind clearly argued against it. The interviews were over; the Ph.D. was selected. It was announced. He was walking out of the campus. His mind was clear; still the faith was alive. He was surprised that he could have that much faith. Someone called him by name and said the Principal wanted him. "For the one post I have selected the Ph.D. holder. Since your performance was above average, I am selecting you too to be posted against a new post I intend creating," said the Principal. Faith was rewarded.

   Faith is strange and responds as faith even when you put it in commonplace things or men, as Ekalaiva had done. A young boy of 12 suddenly lost his speech. His illiterate family never knew what to do. They were atheists too. A friend of the family was moved and wished to do something about it. He went to an elderly person in his village in whom for various reasons he had developed implicit faith. The elder could not suggest anything but prayer by the patient, but it was ruled out in the circumstances. The friend was unrelenting and would not leave the elder without a word of consolation. He suggested that a vicarious prayer on behalf of the boy could be voiced by the friend. He was somewhat satisfied but wanted the elder to speak some good word, saying the boy would be taken to the doctor the next day. The elder was moved by the selfless interest of this man and uttered, "Well, the boy will speak before he meets the doctor."  The man was fully satisfied.

   The child was taken to the then Dean of G.H. Madras but his house was locked. They all waited a long time outside. Vexed, the child said, "Come, Dad, let's go" to the surprise of everyone. To the friend it was a greater surprise since the words of the elder had come true exactly.

   Faith placed honestly in anyone behaves as true faith.

story | by Dr. Radut