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Mathematical Formula of Life


Oct. 16, 2003

  • Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences.
  • There is no object in life that cannot be described mathematically.
  • The path of a stone thrown into the sky -- projectile -- follows a formula of mathematics.
  • Astrology has reduced all events of Life into formulas that can be defined in mathematics.
  • Computer follows the rules of grammar because they are represented mathematically.
  • Zero is a wonderful conception of mathematics when it captures the secrets of creation.
  • Einstein discovered the mathematical equation of Energy that is matter, which enabled science to predict the movement of objects.
  • Sri Aurobindo speaks of a mathematical formula of creation -- one in terms of yoga -- and says it is intelligible only to Him.
  • By applying Sri Aurobindo to all other sciences as well as life, that field can be reduced to a formula.
  • Life Response represents that idea about the movements of life.
  • Sri Aurobindo mentions the route of life from the finite to the Infinite in various ways of which mathematical architecture is one.
  • Life events lend themselves to prediction because they are movements according to measurable rules.
  • In a planned work in a factory or administration one can predict what will occur at a given future date or time.
  • Production is a controlled activity confined in Time and Space. Life is in widening Space and in limitless Time.
  • Mathematical knowledge brings the limitless into limit.
  • Invoking the Spirit raises one's power to act.
  • Knowledge has a clarity which power does not have.
  • Moving from will to knowledge, one lands in mathematics.
  • That mathematics in the field of life is Life Response.
  • We know all the rules of Life Response.
  • Would they all abridge themselves into a Formula?

story | by Dr. Radut