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Message of Flowers

 Flowers are the creation of Nature and a gift from God. When a flower blooms, its perfume is released, and that is why flowers are offered in worship. Flowers can help us to contact our inner Self and receive the Divine Grace. Because they act as instruments, they are given an important place in the traditional worship of the Divine in countries like India and Japan.  Certain flowers are gathered as offerings for each differing occasion, and their vibration corresponds to what is being celebrated through the worship. Flowers can be offered to one's soul or inner Divine, used in meditation, or outwardly offered in an act of external worship.

   In South India from ancient times the women wear flowers in their hair. All over India flowers are offered in homes and temples. Without flowers there would be no worship at all.

   Man, in his highest nature, is noble and refined. But as man originated from the animal, at a lower level he still behaves like an animal. There are common characteristics between man and animals. A yogi, while sitting under a tree, used to comment on the people passing by, saying, "There goes a buffalo; there goes a wolf; that one is a parrot..." etc. Only when a saint passed that way, he said, "Ah, a man is going."  In general, in life each thing is a reflection of something else. Likewise, flowers reflect the nature of man, as well as some of the soul qualities like gratitude.

   Flowers not only have life, but are also conscious and filled with energy. According to Mother, all plant life is full of aspiration and yearns to open to the sun. Plants have an intense urge towards the light. An Indian scientist named Jagadish Chandra Bose, in rigid scientific experiments, discovered that plants can feel pleasure and pain. Mother said that flowers have a psychic spark, even though they cannot express themselves. They express in silence and beauty various qualities that we call "human", such as love, sweetness, endurance, faith, etc. Some flowers which are nearly perfect in form like the rose obviously express the self-giving of the soul.  Each flower emits a certain vibration or quality. If one cares for flowers, feels love for them and communes with them, one can open up his soul more easily. In fact, if a person is naturally drawn to flowers, it means that his soul is awake and responding to the soul vibration in the flowers.

   Flowers raise the level of the atmosphere in a room. Hence they are given great importance in worship. In marriage ceremonies when flowers are used abundantly, it creates joy in all who see them. The general joy of the marriage is increased by the presence of so many flowers. In the same way, if many flowers are kept in the room where we meditate, it helps to raise the quality of our meditation.   

   Flowers radiate certain qualities, and are open to everything around them. They offer their beauty freely to anyone who sees them. Flowers have the capacity to give to a person the quality they contain, and if the person is receptive to the flower, he can absorb into his being the quality emitted by the flower.  Thus, all flowers have an inner truth and one can enter into communion with it. Mother has given names to over 800 flowers according to their quality and vibration, such as Endurance, Wealth, Beauty, Knowledge, Sincerity, Health, etc.

 When we have problems in life, we usually search for the original cause of the problem and then find a solution for that particular cause. This gives a permanent cure. But some problems cannot be solved even in this way. We may not be in a position to solve the problem. In that case, by using flowers we can easily solve the problem.  And the results that flowers give will be permanent. Knowing the value of flowers can help us to solve problems. For example, for body ache, the flower ‘Peace in the Cells' (Ixora thwaitesii) can be held in the hand with concentration, and slowly the pain will decrease, finally to vanish.

  The Crown-of-thorns flower, Euphorbia milii, carries the vibration of concentration. If a person simply holds this flower for a while, he will feel the capacity to concentrate. For good health, if one meditates with the flower Thespesia populnea or Portia tree flower for ten or 12 days, one can see a marked improvement in one's health.  Bougainvillea flowers carry the vibration of "Protection" and have great power. A certain person used to lose his wallet very often. After placing some petals of this flower in his wallet, he stopped losing it.   When feeling weak without any energy, the ordinary Chrysanthemum flower, "Life Energy", can bring us abundant energy. And it is possible to see results overtly, even when one uses them without knowing about their qualities.

. Like education which brings a new status to a man, flowers can bring a new status and respect in society to those who meditate with them. School imparts education to us, but cannot increase our intelligence; glasses improve our vision but do not permanently cure it. Flowers, however, can increase our skills and  even our intelligence. They can heighten and increase whatever qualities and capacities we already possess.

   For an ordinary man, sincere meditation, discipline, surrender, constant remembrance of the Divine are very difficult because family life and spiritual life cannot be easily combined. If we practice all of these things, we can attain a higher consciousness, but in ordinary family life this is difficult. However, the values given by meditation, discipline, surrender, etc. can also be imparted by flowers. Through flowers, we can contact our inner Self or soul. This will bring us wealth, peace, a happy family life, harmonious social relationships and good health.

   In the initial stages when using flowers, a remarkable change may not be seen. But in the course of time, a person will see a gradual but clear result.

   A mother and daughter had quarrelled with each other for many years. They began to offer the flower "Harmony" (Antigonon) and soon stopped their quarrels. A sixty year old man collected and meditated with the flower called "Life energy" (Chrysanthemum) and found his energy level increasing markedly. A man used to feel very sleepy during the day. He began to offer "Mental Opening" (Yellow Barleria) and found himself staying awake till midnight every night.  An old man of 70 years had lost the power to speak. He offered the flower "Spiritual Speech" (Sprenger Asparagus) and within two days his speech returned to him.  If a place is usually full of noise, meditating with the "Silence" flower (Passiflora incarnata) will bring down the level of sound.

     Even if we meditate with flowers on the recommendation of a friend, flowers can have an effect on us. But if we meditate with our own faith in the healing power of flowers, they will act far more powerfully.  A man was told to use the flower "Spiritual Speech" as he suffered from stammering. After offering the flower, he went to an interview at the Income Tax Office. During the interview, he didn't stammer once. But on returning home from the interview, he started stammering even more than before. If he had had faith in the flower and offered it from a deep level of his own faith, his stammering would have been permanently cured.

Collecting flowers:

  A student takes great effort in memorizing his lessons in order to get good grades. If a student takes the same effort in collecting certain flowers, concentrating on them and meditating with them, the flowers will give the same result as the memorization.  The sincerity in the effort and the interest evinced will create new faculties in us. If we go in search of flowers with full enthusiasm, their values will be passed on to us.  We ourselves will become like flowers. Offering flowers is the simplest way to contact our higher Self and if done properly, it will bring wonderful results.

   Opportunities come to many people, but the effort taken by different people for the same opportunity varies. The result depends upon how much effort is taken and with how much sincerity.  In the same way, if more sincerity and effort is taken in collecting flowers, the result will be greater. 

  If we don't find certain flowers easily, still we should make intense efforts to find them. Meditation can be first begun with the flowers that are easily available. When our aspiration grows, the flowers we need will naturally come to us. We will be surprised to see friends suddenly dropping by with the very flower we have been searching for.  In the course of time more and more flowers will come to us along with the successful result of our prayers and aspiration.

Meditation with flowers

 When we are attempting to solve a particular problem with the help of flowers, how do we go about it? We should value the flower, yearn for the quality it emanates and offer it to the inner Self or inner Divine before we meditate with it.  Usually the value of a particular flower comes to us automatically when so offered. If an impatient person offers ‘Patience' (Mimusops elengi) every day, he will find his patience slowly but gradually increasing.  Flowers must be chosen with care according to the exact value they convey and the particular problem we have in mind.  The flower ‘Knowledge' (Leucaena, White Popinac) has the capacity to help us avoid the difficulties which may be coming in the future. It has been seen that offering this flower removes all obstacles to a planned course of action.

   If a person is not studying properly and is not able to concentrate, flowers can be used to solve the condition. Before choosing the flower we need, we must understand the underlying cause of the person's failure to learn. Is he a dull person? If so, he can offer ‘Knowledge' or ‘Thirst to Understand' (Crossostiphium, Chinese Lavender).   If he is very intelligent but his attitude is carefree, he can use ‘Concentration', or if he becomes aware of his wrong attitude, ‘Changing of Wrong Movements into Right'.(Nerium Oleander).  He can also use the flower ‘Conversion of the Physical Mind' (Amaryllus, orange colour) which would impart the ability of the mind to learn and grow continuously. Even the parents of the boy can offer flowers on his behalf.  Another flower to be used in this case is Gladiolus (yellow), ‘Mental Receptivity' which will open the mind to knowledge.

   Like this, for any problem, the nature of the problem must be ascertained and then flowers chosen to fit the problem.  The particular flower which suits the problem must be given great importance. 

  It is also true that the same problem can be solved by different flowers. For example, a headache can be cured by meditating with the ‘Peace in the Cells' flower, and a shower of peace will pour down.  Someone else may get a headache due to overwork and drain of energy. They can use the Chrysanthemum, ‘Life Energy' flower to cure their headache. The ‘Silence' flower can be used in the same way.  Any of these three flowers can cure a headache.

   The same flower can have an effect on two different levels. The Peace flower can cure a headache or body ache, and at the same time, it can relieve nervous or psychological tension in a certain situation. 

   When starting to collect flowers for our problems, if we first take the flower which will help a general but unwanted trait of ours, we will experience a more powerful result. For example, a constantly melancholy person wants to gain entrance to a particular college and has to take an exam. He wants to use the flower "Victory"(Allamanda cathartica). But he should make sure he finds the Geranium flower "Spiritual Happiness" and meditates with it along with the Victory flower. This will not only bring him victory in the exam but also relieve him of his melancholy temperament.

 A list can be made of certain problems and the flowers which would help:

Sudden quarrel                      ...    Harmony

Irritation                                ...    Equanimity

Fearful journey                        ...  Protection

Interview                                 ...   Victory

Studying                                 ...   Mental Opening

Necessity for medical treatment     Faith

Nightmares                                   Protection

Tiredness                                      Life Energy

Tension                                         Peace in the Vital

Mental doubts                               Faith

Not able to study                          Concentration

Disobedience                                Obedience

Forgetfulness                                 Life Energy

Levels of Life

   Life consists of three levels, physical, vital and mental. On the physical level we need wealth, health, abundance, energy, success, progress, immortality, etc. On the vital or emotive level, the qualities of protection, harmony, cheerfulness, fortune, peace, are needed by everyone. Positive mental qualities are quiet mind, knowledge, skill, common sense, lasting remembrance, faith, etc. Soul qualities are purity, devotion, surrender, and offering.  A sample table is given below of some of these qualities and the corresponding lower.

Level of Life                                              Quality                                                Flower



Water lily



Thespesia,  Portia tree



Pumpkin flower






Vinca rosea



Globe Amaranth







Vital (emotional)





Antigonon, Coral Vine



Gaillardia pulchella



Garden Geranium



Hedge cactus



Orange Jessamine





quiet mind




White popinac





common sense

Tobacco plant


lasting remembrance




Hibiscus variegata alba









Ocimum bacilicum



Country rose





joy of spirituality


The Symbolism of Flowers

   The quality of a flower is determined not only by its fragrance, but also its shape, size, and color.  Sometimes the leaves also contain a certain vibration, or the fruit.  The common houseplant Coleus has two meanings: the leaves signify ‘Strength in the Vital', while the tiny lavender-blue flowers are ‘Spiritual Awakening of the Vital'.

   In general, the colors of flowers correspond to different parts of the being. Red is the color of the physical consciousness. Violet and mauve are the colors associated with the emotive being or vital.  The emotive center or vital is usually divided into three levels: the higher vital or heart center is lavender or deep mauve; the middle vital or naval center is blue or dark red, and the lower vital center is violet blue or dark purple. Light rose and pink are the ‘psychic' or soul's colors. Yellow is the color of the mind, while orange and golden yellow are the colors of the higher levels of consciousness above mind. White signifies purity and hence the integral quality of the flower. For example, a white Amaryllis flower is "Integral Conversion" while a red flower would signify ‘Physical Conversion'. 

  As an illustration, we can understand the application of these colors by taking the common Petunia flower whose general quality is ‘Enthusiasm'.

  Colour                                   Meaning______________________

 Red                                    Physical Enthusiasm

 Deep pink to mauve          Vital Enthusiasm

 Lavender with dark veins   Enthusiasm of the Higher Vital  

 Deep rich purple                Enthusiasm in the most Material Vital

 Light Pink                          Psychic enthusiasm

 White                                Integral enthusiasm


Index of Flowers:

Botanical name               common English name                    quality

story | by Dr. Radut